TJ Miller is accused of transphobia by a film critic

It’s been a bad week for TJ Miller, the comedy actor best known for being Deadpool’s infallible friend – 84%, because they were not only accused of sexually assaulting a woman and therefore lost their television series The Gorburger Show, which was broadcast on Comedy Central, canceled after the scandals, but has now also been accused of transphobic by a film critic.

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Danielle Solzman, a transgender film critic who reviews tapes for The Young Folks, revealed that it was Miller who wrote her a letter accusing her of being false and seeking attention with her transition and using her gender identity only to exploit others. The reviewer had published the letter since September, but yesterday revealed that the author was the actor.

The email Solzman received arrived in his inbox in August, shortly after he gave a bad review of Emoji – The Movie – 9%, tape to which the interpreter lent his voice for the main character. The film was smashed by critics in general and ended up being a box office flop.

This search for a transgender identity is nothing more than an opportunity for you to disguise yourself as someone special when in reality the only thing that is special about you is that you are retarded. You are good asshole if you think you can attack me or say that I have been offensive. Never contact me again, weird and terrible man.

Solzman took advantage of the news about the accusation against Miller to reveal, yesterday afternoon, that it was about him and to accuse him of homophobic, and he again tweeted the screenshot of the email.

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It’s safe to say that your career is over. Nobody wants to receive this kind of transphobic abuse. This was the email that arrived in my inbox just a week after Emoji: The Movie was released.

The rest of the letter that Solzman allegedly received from Miller also mentioned that the actor would have had a friendship with the writer and had supported her with her decision to find her new gender identity. He even points out that he himself has had sex with people from that community and that he has donated money to charities for them.

Since the first accusation was made against Miller, Comedy Central decided to cancel his tv show The Gorburger Show. So far, the actor has denied the allegations of sexual abuse against him, but has not spoken about this new allegation.

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TJ Miller is accused of transphobia by a film critic