“To face my Shockwave character I looked at LeBron James and even Lionel Messi”

“The Boys” was one of the great surprises of 2019, with which Amazon managed to establish itself and compete in the streaming market against Netflix. This year, the second season doubled the staging in terms of darkness and sour humor, which resulted in rave reviews. One of the actors who was part of both installments, with a role that seemed like it was going to destabilize the place of A-Train (Jessie Usher) it was Mishka Thébaud, who played Shockwave. The character was one of those competing to be the fastest superhero on the face of the Earth and have his place in the group of 7.

The actor talked about how he came to this mega Amazon production and the differences he noticed between one season and another. In addition, he told how he began to work on a hobby that made him viral thanks to “Avengers: Endgame”: that of imitations -the interpreter has a gift for copying voices of actors such as Owen Wilson, Matthew McConaughey, Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds.

RP.- How did you get to “The Boys”?

He didn’t know how big the character was going to be or how much he was going to appear. I thought it was just an episode. But it was a long process, they had to make me the supersuit to measure, I think I tried on between 6 and 8 so that they made me the clothes. It was a great experience.

RP.- What did they ask you to embody your character?

They wanted the character to be an original version of this universe. There’s another Shockwave, I don’t remember DC or Marvel, so they went out of their way to get away from that character, they made sure he doesn’t look anything like it. It was like it was mine, I could do my own version. I played my character like an athlete, for the race. I’m a basketball and soccer fan so I looked at LeBron James and even to Lionel Messi.

RP.- How do you work with actors like Karl Urban?

Karl Urban He’s the kindest guy on the set, he’s very humble, super professional. The same as Jack QuaidThey are two great people. The two embody the atmosphere of the series. They lead and everyone follows.

RP.- What differences did you notice between the first and second installments?

For the second season there was more comfort, I think people were more comfortable with their characters, on set, more confident. Especially after how it was received. Success can also create extra pressure. But the cast was closer together, there was better chemistry. The script for the second season is insane. Already in the first it was a rather dark series. I didn’t think they could go any further in that direction, but so far this series has been insane.

RP.- One of the strong points of the series is the visual effects, what is the process to make them?

We had to go to a place that I don’t even know what it’s called, similar to the job in video games. You go into a room and you are surrounded by cameras, because they seek to capture you from every possible angle, so they can recreate it with animation.

RP.- You have a great ability to imitate actors, how did you start?

As a kid I started, I did it for fun. My brother and I were young and, while we watched television, I tried to imitate whoever appears on the channel, their voice. Suddenly, I realized that it was not so bad and I started doing it again when I was growing up, to see what imitations I could do. By doing so many accents during my career, with video games and that, that helps to see how to put the voice. It is something very technical, and having to try so much I was improving the imitations. If it’s someone close to my vocal range, I can get it out.

RP.- What are the ones you like to do the most?

I think the most popular I did was Ryan Reynolds, everyone writes to me about it. AND Matthew McConaughey too. Those two are the best. I would like to get someone else who is popular. Is what i like about Ryan, that there are not many people who imitate him, if you take someone who does not have many imitators, he becomes very good.

RP.- Reynolds’s one gained a lot of popularity thanks to the Avengers trailer, which they parodied as if it were starring entirely by Deadpool. It has almost 10 million views …

They contacted me to do it, he had seen my imitation on YouTube, he liked it and he proposed to join us to do this, and I said yes. And when you realize it has millions of views

RP.- What are you working on these days?

I’m doing voices for video games, I can’t say which one, but it was a lot of fun. Especially in this context of the coronavirus. Things stopped for longer than ever in my life. I hope to resume auditions these days. I started recently with videogames, one of the ones I did the most I can’t mention. But I did vocals for Tom Clancy’s from Ubisoft. (www.REALPOLITIK.com.ar)

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“To face my Shockwave character I looked at LeBron James and even Lionel Messi”