Tom Cruise Parachutes Out Of Helicopter In Mission: Impossible 7 Stunt

Tom Cruise attempts yet another death-defying stunt in photos showing him parachuting from a helicopter during production of Mission: Impossible 7.

New photos show Tom Cruise parachuting out of a helicopter for a stunt in Mission: Impossible 7. Cruise has starred as the franchise’s central IMF Agent, Ethan Hunt, since 1996’s Mission: Impossible, which was based on the television series of the same name created by Bruce Geller. The franchise’s biggest hit came recently in 2018 with Mission: Impossible – Fallout, which was the high-grossing film in the series. Now, Cruise is looking to top that alongside franchise regulars and newcomers alike. Ving Rhames, Simon Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson and Vanessa Kirby will all return to reprise their roles in the film, while Hayley Atwell and Pom Klementieff join the cast as so-far unknown characters.

Rogue Nation and Fallout‘s writer and director, Christopher McQuarrie, is returning for the seventh and eighth installments in Paramount’s long-running franchise. Production of Mission: Impossible 7 has unfortunately been marred by issues due to the coronavirus pandemic, and Cruise made headlines late last year for berating crew members for not following COVID-19 protocols. After the studio shuffled the film’s release date multiple times, it seemed on track to meet its May 2022 release date, but it was recently pushed back to September 2022.

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As per Just Jared, as production of Mission: Impossible 7 hums along, Tom Cruise is up to his usual antics performing his own impressive stunts. In the past few days, the 59-year-old actor was spotted in Keswick, UK filming yet another crazy stunt for the upcoming movie. Cruise was seen diving from a helicopter positioned thousands of feet in the air above the Lake District. After spiraling towards Earth, Cruise was photographed pulling his parachute and making a safe landing by the lake. Bystanders say he attempted the stunt four times before achieving the perfect take. Check out some of the photos below:

Tom Cruise Mission Impossible Parachute Stunt

Tom Cruise Parachuting in the Lake District Mission Impossible

Tom Cruise Parachute Stunt Mission Impossible 7

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Although this feat is far from what most other actors would even consider attempting, it’s a relatively modest stunt by Cruise’s standards. For the Mission: Impossible series alone, the actor has scaled the Burj Khalifa building and hung off the side of a flying plane, but his most dangerous stunt yet was shown in Mission: Impossible 7 footage that recently screened at CinemaCon. It included Cruise ramping off the side of a cliff on a dirt bike, letting go of the bike mid-air, and free-falling for some time before finally pulling his parachute.

Cruise trained extensively as a helicopter pilot to pull off the climactic sequence in Fallout, which also includes a scene in which he climbs up a rope leading to a helicopter. Suffice to say, Cruise has cultivated a well-deserved reputation as a brave actor, constantly attempting increasingly bold and daring stunts. He has had plenty of helicopter and parachuting training over the years, so this most recent stunt was likely a piece of cake. However, Cruise should still be commended for doing what most people would never dream of. With this behind-the-scenes glimpse at the impressive stunt now available to the public, the final act is sure to be an entertaining one to watch when Mission: Impossible 7 arrives in theaters next year.

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Source: Just Jared

  • Mission: Impossible 7 (2022)Release date: Sep 30, 2022
  • Mission: Impossible 8 (2023)Release date: Jul 07, 2023

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