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Directed by French Cedric Nicolas-Troyan (director of the 2016 film: The Hunter and The Ice Queen (17%)) Kate (30%) is an action, adventure and drama film, exclusively produced by Netflix. With a script by Umair Aleem, Kate It has a duration of 106 minutes of footage. Starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Kate features additional performances by Woody Harrelson, Miku Patricia Martineau, Michiel Huisman, Tadanobu Asano, Elysia Rotaru, Miyavi and Jun Kunimura, among others.

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After failing an important mission against a member of the Japanese mob, the Yakuza, an extremely skilled and meticulous assassin, Kate (interpreted by Mary Elizabeth Winstead), discovers that she has been poisoned. Despite this, the slow action of the poison gives him 24 hours to execute his plan of revenge. Although your body is deteriorating rapidly, Kate manages to forge a curious alliance with the daughter of one of his previous victims.

Despite the low score achieved by Kate (30%), some of the points that can be redeemed by critics are a sustained rhythm, her action scenes, as well as the work of Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Miku Martineau.

However, the film’s biggest problem is its script. One in which great potential is perceived, but which in the end risks quite little. With no use of the ingredients that make it up (settings, narrative, characters…), Kate (30%) comes to feel like an extremely routine product and, above all, like a weak copy of other films of her genre.

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Here is a brief compendium of critiques, reviews, and ratings on Kate (30%), previously reviewed film:

Josh Bell points to CBR that:

The script of Umair Aleem | he runs no artistic risk. Still, most of the basics are successful. Fans of female-directed action films are in for a pleasant experience …

For Mama’s Geeky, Tessa Smith notes:

… A really fun ride due to the fight scenes and revenge thriller plot. The two female leads are complete powerhouses demanding attention when on screen.

In the same way, Sydney Skibic describes in CinemaBlend the next:

… Has a good pace and makes some valid attempts at comments on exploitation and colonization. The main reason to see Kate is to see the dynamite performance of Winstead.

From a different perspective, Molly Freeman reviews for Screen Rant:

Like many of Netflix’s original movies, Kate it feels like another release that had potential to be good, but is well below the mark.

Mikel Zorrilla gives his opinion for Espinof the next:

Kate is a failed movie in which the impressive display of Mary Elizabeth Winstead it is insufficient to raise a routine proposal that never gets to take advantage of the ingredients …

From Collider, Matt Goldberg comenta:

It’s fine to use other countries as the setting for action movies, but filmmakers should be more aware of what it means to walk on someone else’s land and what that means.

Rendy Jones write for Randy Reviews:

It has the worst optics of any movie of its nature, a spin-off story, and so much hatred in its heart that halfway through I wanted to turn it off and on. Birds of Prey because I was getting sick and destroying my love for Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

For Lamplinght Review, Brent Hankins subraya:

… The characters and narrative are as thin as the paper walls that Kate He paints in the blood of the Yakuza, and every time the bullets are fired, we have little reason to worry.

Charles Bramesco stands out for his part to AV Club:

Winstead Deftly manages his footsteps even when his character collapses, this movie should aspire to be more than just a delivery system for the few shooting scenes.

While in consideration of Angie Han for The Hollywood Reporter:

It doesn’t take an eagle’s eye to figure out that Kate has few ideas of his own. A weak copy of other better movies.

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