Two best suspense series available on Apple TV +

Before you continue reading we want to tell you that we will not spoil neither of the two serials that we will talk about, since our intention is to give you arguments to watch them (if you haven’t already done so).

Defending Jacob, the jewel starring Chris Evans

For fans of the Marvel universe, it can be strange to see Captain America with a beard and working as a district attorney, but this is the case in this applauded 8-chapter miniseries. Evans leads a cast in which he shares the scene with Michelle Dockery and Jaeden Martell, a seemingly normal family that is shaken by a series of circumstances that threaten to change their lives forever.

It is based on a novel with the same name, although after seeing it we can attest that does not match the book at many points (including the ending). Jacob is a 14-year-old boy who feels harassed in high school when suddenly one of his executioners is found dead, which leads to a series of circumstances in which Jacob himself ends up being the main accused of the murder. This completely upsets the family, from his mother Laurie who goes into a deep depression to his father Andy, who has to be removed from the case as a prosecutor due to the family involvement that his performance in the trial would entail.

Throughout its eight chapters we can learn more details about how the young man died, at the same time that the trial against Jacob is developed, which plays in parallel with another future timeline in which his father appears answering before another court . The reason for the latter you will not discover until the end, as well as many other questions related to the facts. And no, we will not tell you if Jacob is finally guilty or innocent, but you will see how you yourself continually doubt your own impressions, changing your theories every second depending on how you progress.

The Defending Jacob series is full of rhythm, excitement and intrigue that will force you to do a marathon session. In fact, in a weekend you could have seen it in full, since its chapters do not exceed 45 minutes, except for the last one.

Shyamalan’s follies with Servant

The famous director of The Sixth Sense, among others, is already one of the best specialists in the horror genre. Servant it is one of the public’s most beloved series for being an excellent mix of that genre with suspense. A series with slow pace, but very intense that will keep you glued to the couch wanting to know more as their chapters of no more than 30 minutes in length. The series for now has two seasons issued with 10 chapters in each of them and with a route that aims to be 60 episodes, although at the moment Apple only confirmed the third season, but there is no doubt that it will continue.

Although it does not leave the horror genre apart, the truth is that it is a psychological fear and not scares, something a server particularly hates. Servant shows the confusing story of a married couple who have just lost their newborn son for a cause that you will not know about until the end of the first season. Dorothy, played by a huge Lauren Ambrosse, has suffered a mental disorder after the loss, so her husband Sean (Toby Kebell) and her brother Julian (Rupert Grint) decide “Adopt” a reborn baby and make him believe that he is his son Jericho.

In that idea of ​​wanting to make up for the loss, they even decide hire a babysitter and this is where Leanne (Nell Tiger Free) appears. This innocent young woman looks for her first job outside her home farm, but hides a mystery that leaves everyone speechless and that makes the viewer feels real chills to see its evolution in the series.

In the two seasons broadcast it is a series that goes from less to more and what does it achieve confuse the viewer depending not only on the episode being watched, but also on the scene. At a visual and sound level, it is played in a fantastic way with the lighting, the planes used and a music that is always right to the situation it touches. One more essential of Apple TV + that still has some rope for a while.

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Two best suspense series available on Apple TV +