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Priyanka Chopra is only 35 years old, but her life has been so elastic, she has given so much, that she has decided to write her autobiography. Of course, the actress (from Bollywood, first; from Hollywood, later) affirms that it is a vital unfinished portrait, and that title has given it, Unfinished, “Unfinished”, The book goes on sale this Thursday, February 11 and in it the wife of the musician Nick Jonas details episodes of his life, achievements and failures that have led her to become the most thriving star of Indian origin in Western cinema and that they have endowed it with a fortune of 40 million euros.

Various means, from The Independent a People, have had access to excerpts from the book prior to its publication. In them Priyanka Chopra —or Chopra Jonas, as she has decided to sign it, adopting her husband’s name to “honor tradition,” as she has stated— reflects the career that she started 20 years ago and that has taken her to the Hollywood hills. . Born in Jamshedpur, India, the daughter of medical parents in the Army, as a child she changed her residence on a regular basis. At the age of 12, her family decided to send her to study in the United States with an aunt, to return three years later to her native country. She was going to be an aeronautical engineer, but at 17 her brother encouraged her to appear in a beauty contest: if she left home, he would stay in her room. And so in 2000 Miss India won. Months later, Miss World. She believes it was not because of her beauty exactly, but because of her “eloquence and ambition.”

He says in an interview that he has granted to The Guardian who has “ambition to win.” “Everybody likes to win, but I just like to win. I want to be the one who manages to do what no one can, “she says in the talk. Something that emerged after that tour of the United States, which ended up fed up and with self-esteem on the ground. After passing through New York and Indianapolis, the worst moment came when landing in Newton, Massachusetts. The children insulted her at school, told her to go back to her country. “Go and take your elephant”, they shouted at him, as he recounted in his book, where he says that he took it all to the personal side: “My confidence was shattered. I’ve always had a lot, but at that time I was unsure of who I was, where I was from ”.

Cover of the book ‘Unfinished’, by Priyanka Chopra.AP

The return to India was the beginning of his success story. If in the United States, he counts, he wanted to fit in, in his country he did not mind standing out, being different. He regained confidence. “My parents never told me: ‘No, because I said so! That gives you a sense of yourself. It is the greatest gift my parents have given me: that my opinion, my ideas, my dreams mattered ”, Chopra tells People to the thread of the book. Hence, in the volume she recounted that her father’s death in 2013 plunged her into a deep depression.

The road was not without difficulties. In Bollywood, she also knew machismo: a director told her that the only thing that mattered to him was taking her out in her underwear. But he managed to overcome the misogyny of the industry and became a star who, leaving success behind, set out to pursue the American dream. He even tried to build a career as a pop star in the US “It was terrifying, I felt a lot of pressure. It had no precedent ”, he tells the British newspaper.

In addition to the fear and loneliness that she experienced in the first moments, she also faced sexism. During a meeting with a director already in the US, he says: “He looked at me for a long time, evaluating me, and then suggested that I have surgery on my chest, fix my jaw and add a little more to my butt. If I wanted to be an actress I had to ‘fix’ my proportions and he knew a great doctor in Los Angeles to send me to. My then agent agreed with that assessment ”, he recalls now. All of this left her “amazed and with a feeling of being very small.” Of course, he left that manager and moved on.

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra, on their wedding day.
Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra, on their wedding day.instagram

In 2002 he made his debut through the front door in the United States, starring in the global success Quantico, the first television series headed by an actor of Hindu origin. Since then, and with more than 60 titles, he has lived between Los Angeles and Mumbai, although now, after the premiere of the hit The White Tiger (who stars in and also produces) and while waiting for the arrival of the franchise Matrix 4, is installed in London to shoot a new project with Amazon Studios. Now it is defined, it counts in the Guardian, as “actress, producer, author, businesswoman, and making first steps in technology.”

Like his job, his investments have diversified. She is a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF, has her own foundation for health and education; in fact, he says it is considered “humanitarian, but apolitical.” In addition to having invested in the dating app Bumble and has a vegan hair care line. Her forays into the world of beauty, however, have not always brought her joys. Although she has said on many occasions she is proud of her skin, in her youth she made advertisements about whitening creams, something that the networks recovered a couple of years ago and as the afearon. “I can’t go back and change what I did, but I can apologize for it, and I sincerely do so,” he writes now.

As he tells the Guardian upon Unfinished, “This is not a biography of ‘here I am and my laurels and achievements’. It’s me dissecting my flaws, vulnerabilities, emotions and moments when I cried on the pillow. It surprises even myself because I never talk about it. Not even with my family, and here I am, telling the world, so I’m scared to death ”.

Chopra’s story of overcoming and triumph multiplied his exposure in 2018, when he married in a three-day wedding by the Catholic and Hindu rites with Nick Jonas, one of the brothers and members of the musical band Jonas Brothers. But he is not the protagonist of his book. She is. And still, as its title says, you have pages to write.

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‘Unfinished’: Priyanka Chopra, the story of bullying and overcoming a Bollywood star in Hollywood | People