Viewer receives death threats after criticizing James Corden’s show

Kim Saira, the organizer of the signature collection on the platform against the section Spill your guts from British presenter James Corden’s show, The late late show, has expressed his disappointment towards the presenter and towards the criticisms and threats he receives daily.

Saira has explained to the medium TMZ the source of her concerns: “My main platform is Instagram and I have been receiving a lot of hate comments and death threats. Practically every day I wake up and have one. Corden has a whole team behind him that helps him manage problems, while I am alone in my room receiving all these comments. “

Food featured in the ‘Spill Your Guts’ section of James Corden’s ‘The late late show’

Kim Saira /

Saira has offered to the outlet with which she has spoken some of the messages she has received, and they are not of thanks: “If I open a GoFundMe account to help you buy a supply of pacifiers for life, could you stop whining for Things that bother you just because you don’t have a sense of humor? Let me know and it’s done. “

The organizer has also expressed her disappointment towards James Corden, the host of the show: “He issued a non-apology, a one-sentence statement on Howard Stern’s show thinking he would fix everything. That was really painful for me. “

My main platform is Instagram and I have been receiving a lot of hate comments and death threats daily.

Kim SairaOrganizing campaign against the James Corden program

Saira decided to start collecting signatures because she considered the section in question to be racist. In this section of the program, the guests and the presenter must choose whether to answer serious questions or to eat food considered “disgusting”. The controversy has arisen because, as the organizer of the petition remarks, on many occasions it is about Asian gastronomy: “It has presented foods such as balut, century-old eggs and chicken feet, which Asians tend to eat regularly.”

The British presenter has mentioned in Howard Stern’s space that he is aware of the request, and that from now on the food presented will change, and remarks that the program has not tried at any time to offend anyone: “Our program is about joy and light and love ”. He also remembers the special edition they made of the section when they invited Anna Wintour and offered her a pizza topped with cheeseburgers.

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Kim Saira’s petition, which already collects nearly 46,000 signatures, included changing the food featured or removing this section altogether, a formal apology from Corden on the show, including the passes he will take to do better in the future. and donations to local Asian-American organizations that help small Asian businesses and restaurants. The organizer is very happy with the support her complaint receives: “The number of signatures indicates that I am not the only one who sees this racist content.”

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Viewer receives death threats after criticizing James Corden’s show