Cazzaniga, his brother speaks: “Roby was plagiarized. That time of the package …”

The 42-year-old former national team volleyball player is better off. The confirmation of his brother Danilo. The former comrades have created a chat to help him and now there is also a fundraiser

“We are relieved. Roberto looks like another person. I have the impression that he has freed himself from a cobweb in which he was wrapped. He was plagiarized, manipulated by these people who also kept him away from his parents. He hadn’t been seen for years. with dad and mom “. Danilo Cazzaniga, Roberto’s brother, the bomber who lost 700 thousand euros in 15 years thinking he was sending them to an “elusive” girlfriend named Alessandra Ambrosio (like the model) who never existed, summed up the state of mind of the player after the serve de Hyenas on Tuesday on Italia 1 which revealed the details of a gigantic scam.


From 2008 to today “Virus” – as the 42-year-old opposite who won the Mediterranean Games in the National team in 2009 is called by his teammates – believed in this “little theater” before the intervention of teammates and his brother Danilo. The two players who at first disguised themselves as investigators and tried to take stock of the situation to put an end to the situation are Alessio Fiore, a 38-year-old hitter, and Danilo Rinaldi, a 30-year-old free man from Puglia. “When I realized the economic problem, the fact that Roberto was asking everyone to borrow money to send it to this elusive Maya, I got worried and I contacted some former team mates who informed me of the situation. Today we have a chat 10-15 players who shared sports experiences with Cazzaniga (the central Alletti today in the Superlega in Taranto, the central Elia of Ortona in the A-2 and the Central Patriarch of Brescia in the A-2) where we update on the story. I also talked to his brother Danilo and from there I was convinced that we had to do something “.

The complaint

Rinaldi, well aware of the moment of psychological difficulty that Cazzaniga was experiencing, tried to protect his friend by making a complaint to the prosecutor. But after a year he realized that the timing of justice would not be quick. “Time passed and there was no response from the Prosecutor’s Office so I contacted Hyenas and in a short time they managed to unveil the scam. “Brother Danilo now also remembers episodes from the past that sound like unread alarm bells:” In 2009, at the beginning of the alleged acquaintance between Roberto and Maya, his friend Manuela called to say that a family package had arrived sent by the Brazilian model. But Manuela’s father made the package disappear because we could see from the sender that it was not sent by the Brazilian girlfriend. “Before the television investigation, the system had started to crumble.” It seems that between Manuela and Valeria Satta (the Sardinian woman on the whose prepaid card Cazzaniga sent the money thinking of sending it to Maya, ed) relationships were no longer idyllic. My brother’s career was towards the end and the earnings were less. So the two women shared a smaller cake and it seems that the first disagreements have begun “.


But friends didn’t stop to reveal the scam. Rinaldi, Fiore and the other companions of Cazzaniga have opened one fundraising online which in a couple of days has already reached 10 thousand euros.

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Cazzaniga, his brother speaks: “Roby was plagiarized. That time of the package …”