Civitanova and Trento never stop: Taranto and Piacenza ko

In the advances of Superlega from the Marches and Trentino, they increase their advantage at the top of the standings

(25-15, 21-15, 25-21, 25-23)

Trento and Civitanova continue to remain at the top of the Superlega standings even after the advances due to the fact that both teams participate in the Club World Cup in Brazil in mid-December. In a very delicate clash for the high positions of the standings, Lorenzetti’s team slipped a very heavy victory, despite the difficulties, moreover very heavy because it arrived with what on paper is a direct opponent. Piacenza shows up without Recine and with the Rossard-Antonov diagonal and with Holt on the pitch. For its part, Trento has to give up Podrascanin (due to a contact with a positive person), but recovers from the first minute Alessandro Michieletto who is deployed as a spiker. Trento begins in a very decisive manner and immediately takes command of operations with Gas Sales struggling both in attack and in reception. At this point, however, Itas freezes and fails to give continuity to the game, misses several bars and lets itself be held by the Piacenza block in attack. Bernardi’s team, who was returning to the city where he was born and where he started playing volleyball) takes off and the people from Trentino are unable to close the gap. Third set which instead succeeds in the third set. Piacenza is still aggressive in the service and gains a couple of breaks ahead, but dragged by Kaziyski Trento, she mends the disadvantage and goes to take the third set in an evening that is still not very exciting for the Turkish bomber Lagumdzija (often replaced by the Slovenian Stern). The inertia of the match is marked even if Bernardi uses the bench: Trento also goes under in the fourth, but has found the way to overcome Piacenza and is no longer recovered.

It is five Lube victories that never stops and collects another 3 points in the advance of the tenth day of Superlega due to the participation of the Marches in the Club World Cup in December, as for Trento. Taranto fought stoically in particular in the second set, but in the long run the quality of the tricolors and their strength in attack, service and block prevailed. With Simon overflowing, Kovar punctual in reception and Balaso (mvp) in defense, Lucarelli and Gaby Garcia in attack. In the Prisma the Randazzo hammer performed well, especially in the service he created problems for the opponents.

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Against Taranto of the former Di Pinto and Corsano on the bench and in the field Sabbi, Randazzo and Falaschi (in the 300th game in the regular season) Blengini relies on the same sextet that had liquidated Modena, with Juantorena on the bench and Kovar the owner. Launch of Civitanova that with the walls of Lucarelli and the attacks of Simon places a peremptory 4-0. Prism that suffers the pressure that the Italian champions put on the field and fatigue. Randazzo tries with two aces to shake his teammates, but the attacking strength of the Marche is devastating. That on 20-16 the striker Stefani also loses (sprained left ankle) that Sabbi had taken over. Prisma that tries to react even to bad luck, but Lube closes in fluency with Garcia (8 points and 58%). In the second, Taranto tries to withstand the impact, also gaining an initial advantage, then immediately canceled by the red and white. It goes point by point (15-15) with the very foul teams in the service: Taranto holds its own against the most titled opponents, but in the final the break is excavated by the turns in the service of Simon and Lucarelli. In the third set it is immediately 5-1 for Civitanova who wants to close immediately. For some exchanges, Di Pinto’s team tries to resist the Lube, but De Cecco’s ace and Lucarelli’s attack make the Prisma sink.

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Civitanova and Trento never stop: Taranto and Piacenza ko