Pedrini and the Modena crisis: “Now Giani has to get us out of the shallows”

In the summer Bruno, Ngapeth, Leal and Abdel Aziz were taken but the results do not come. The president: “I would like the coach to use more sticks than carrots in this period. It’s up to him to find the solution to the problems “

In the summer Modena carried out an ambitious market. The return of Bruno and Ngapeth, the arrival of Leal and Abdel-Aziz. A custom-built to try to chase the Scudetto that has been missing since 2016. And instead after 6 days the balance is 2 wins and 3 defeats as well as a rest session that is worth eighth place. President Catia Pedrini takes stock of the situation.

In these first 5 races Modena is betraying expectations. Did he expect it?
“I’m sorry, I imagined a very different start to the season”.
Are you disappointed with anyone on the team?
“As president I live the team as a group, it makes no sense to reduce the lack of results to individual limits or errors”.
In the summer Bruno, Ngapeth, Leal and Abdel Aziz arrived but the same performance at the start of last season: 2 won and three lost. In recent years Modena has only done worse in 2013-2014 with 1 won and 4 lost. Why?
“The numbers indicate that we started in reverse and even accelerating! The figures are not debated. Rather, we are committed to changing them ”.
The three defeats against Monza, Piacenza and Civitanova have a common origin: a good start and an inexorable decline. Because?
“We start strong and then we go down, it’s true. I am from Emilia and a Ferrari driver, maybe we need a pit stop! Seriously, I think it’s a question of balance to be found on the pitch ”.
What do you blame the team for?
“I reproach the team for not having believed enough in itself up to now. I remain convinced that together with my collaborators, I have set up a very competitive group “.
What do you blame the technician for?
“Giani is our coach. It is up to him to find the solutions to the problems, as is normal “.
Do you think there have been some market errors?
“This can only be understood at the end of the championship. The team was set up in concert between staff and management. To date, some doubts seem legitimate, but let’s wait. I would like Giani to use more sticks than carrots in this period ”.
In your opinion is it a technical or mental problem?
“If the problem is technical, it’s up to the coach to solve it. If it’s mental it’s up to the players to find the answer. I only know that a group like ours, due to the staff it has, cannot risk exclusion from the Italian Cup. Not for technical reasons, not for mental reasons “.
Are there any measures on the horizon?
“Again for these two matches they must absolutely find, among their professionals, the keys to find positive results”.
The next two matches are scheduled with Trento and Perugia: what will you ask the group?
“As president I hope that everyone will give me and the city two great joys against Trento and Perugia”.
Is Giani up for discussion?
“He is our coach and has the task of getting us out of the shallows.”

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Pedrini and the Modena crisis: “Now Giani has to get us out of the shallows”