Super League: Modena relaunches, celebrating 3-0 against Trento

At PalaPanini, Giani’s team finds success against the orphaned Itas of Podrascanin and Kaziyski. Civitanova passes to Vibo Valentia, Perugia walks against Ravenna. Success also for Milan. Coup of Padua with Piacenza

Modena 3-0 Trento (28-26, 25-15, 25-22)

It was the right opportunity for Modena: to try to win the first direct clash of the season with a big orphan of two important elements such as Podrascanin and Kaziyski. The latter accused an ankle problem in the morning and the Trento staff preferred to spare him also in order not to risk losing him in view of the next and intense commitments. Therefore a complete mission for the yellow-blues who on Wednesday will be called to confirm themselves in another clash at the top on the Perugia field. Modena in full, Trento with Cavuto and D’Heer to replace the absent ones. Modena vehement start which leads to 8- 4 after two initial aces by Ngapeth, Trento however returns to -1 before another ace, by Nimir, pushes it back at 13-10. Modena, however, makes a mistake first on the block and then with Ngapeth: 15-15. The 6-1 run brings Trento forward 15-17. Then back to the service Ngpeth: replayed by Leal, replayed by Nimir, ace: 20-18. A lucky ace from Sala says 22-19. It goes on 23-23 which becomes 23-24 with a great Michieletto. Leal cancels, then Ngapeth replays on 25-24. Trento comes back with the ace of a wild Michieletto but Lavia throws out the ball set 26-26 and new overtaking with the penalty of Mazzone who then walls Cavuto for the final 28-26.

Modena starts again 4-1 also in the second, then Leal goes to serve, Ngapeth and Stankovic thank them with two replays each: 9-2. From 12-5 signed Mazzone Trento tries to get back under Sbertoli’s service but Modena does not ease the pressure on the service: 17-10 with PalaPanini who ignites with Earvin Ngapeth’s balance wheel which is worth 20-13. Mazzone closes again 25-15.The third starts more balanced, then Ngapeth and Nimir are unleashed with two consecutive aces that are worth 13-8. Lavia tries to react but Ngapeth keeps him at a distance, then on Sala’s serve the double break is worth 20-14. Trento does not give up, but Leal and Nimir defeat (22-18). Then sudden yellow-blue pass: 22-22 on Lavia’s serve, then Nimir and Mazzone’s block on Lisinac are valid on 24-22, Ngapeth closes with the penalty of 25-22.

Vibo Valentia-Civitanova 0-3 (17-25, 19-25, 16-25)

Civitanova also wins in Vibo (3-0), wins the sixth consecutive victory and remains at the top of the standings with 22 (the Italian champions are already at 9 games played). The Marche region stormed the Callipo Tuna field with relative ease in front of a steamed-up Vibo. Formations of the eve confirmed. Blengini does not recover Juantorena and insists with Kovar of the band confirming De Cecco on the dribble. For his part Baldovin confirms Basic in place 4 in place of Borges. The leaders immediately started strong and extended 6-2 forcing Baldovin to call his first discretionary time-out. The set drags on like this with the two teams detached by 3-4 lengths up to Flavio’s ace that brings Vibo under 14-16. Lucarelli finds the ace of 15-19 and Baldovin recalls his followers for the second time. Garcia hammers from seat two and hands the set to his team, 17-25.

Baldovin tries to run for cover and puts Borges in place of Basic. It rains in the wet, however, at Callipo: Nishida gets hurt (left calf problem), inside Bisi. La Lube shows some insecurity and the hosts move to 5-4. Bisi walls Lucarelli, 11-9 and it is Blengini who stops the game with a time out. The marchigiani overturn the score with the ace of Lucarelli (12-13), but Vibo is there and with Souza he takes the lead 14-13. Civitanova is not there and finds a new break, 15-17. Souza from place two does not go: a parallel error and a block suffered by Lucarelli send Lube ahead 20-16. Simon mura Bisi, 19-24. The Giallorossi opposite attacks out and Lube passes 0-2, 19-25. There is Candellaro (one of the many former players on duty) on the pitch for Vibo at the beginning of the third set. The Marches are rampant and lead to 18-8. Saitta finds the ace which is valid on 14-22. On 16-24 Diamantini’s block is worth the set, 16-25 and Lube’s victory.

Ravenna-Perugia 0-3 (10-25, 20-25, 16-25)

Minus three. These are the days left to Consar Rcm for the last absolutely impossible mission of its first round, the one on the Lube field. Certainly, Zanini’s team has not given concrete signals so far as to think they can win a match, but in the case it was certainly not today’s one against Perugia. We will talk about it again with Milan and especially Verona to look for vital points for salvation. Perugia, for its part, continues its clear path (now there are six out of six) Absolute record of former Ravenna players in the Perugian jersey, because unless a merger between two teams, in fact, it will be impossible to match the number of players who have worn the jersey of the Romagna to go to Umbria: even five, namely Ricci, Russo, Mengozzi, Rychlicki and Ter Horst. Starting host by Leon and Ricci (0-5), the Consar in reception suffers the impossible and Anderson makes 4-12. The first signs of life in the Romagna home are given by the youngest on the field, Comparoni, with two consecutive points (7-13) but it is a drop in a sea infested by sharks in Umbrian shirts, which without sweating go to close with a break of 12-3. Ravenna grits his teeth and goes on in the second set, obviously without exaggerating (8-6) and a wall by Mengozzi, who is at home here, signs the hook at an altitude of 9. Perugia leaves, Grbic rotates his battleship using often also the double change with the acclaimed (by Sirmaniaci) Travica and Ter Horst, on the other side only Ljaftov holds up the host impact (17-21) but nothing can in the calculation of another discounted set, closed by Ter Horst . Consar again with courage (5-3) at the beginning of the third set, but then Leon decides to change the scenario and places four consecutive aces (there will be seven at the end), to which Ravenna however reacts as long as he can. Very little, therefore, so he can close easy at the first opportunity.

Milan-Verona 3-1 (24-26, 25-22, 25-20, 25-18)

Allianz Milano beats Verona 3-1, regains success after the defeats against Civitanova and Perugia and makes a good leap forward in the standings. The Venetians, on the other hand, while expressing a good game for long stretches, remain at 2 points in the penultimate place in the standings, with only one victory in 6 games played. Milan suffers in the first set, concedes something, but then regains its certainties when the game comes to life. Piazza finds Romanò (on his return to the bench, with the unusual free shirt, after mononucleosis and three missed matches) and fielded the usual formation with Porro in the direction, Patry opposite, Iskikawa and Jaeschke in the band, Piano and Chinenyeze in the center and Pesaresi free. For Stoytchev Spirito returns to dribble with Jensen diagonally, Asparuhov and Mozic spikers, Nikolic and Zanotti central and Bonami free. The first exchanges immediately tell you what the performance of the set will be: a point-to-point melee from start to finish between two teams trying to impose their game and have Patry on one side (7 out of 10 in attack) and Mozic on the other hand (5 out of 7) the two most effective offensive terminals. Verona, however, makes better use of the power plants, takes command of operations at point number 20 and, with slightly higher percentages in all phases of the game, brings home the first set to the advantages. Milan’s reaction is immediate. It starts again point by point as in the first set, but on 12 all, the Allianz places the extension. Patry is still a more than reliable reference for Porro who, with a better reception than in the first set, manages to vary the game more often with the central players. Even the serve of the Piazza team works better, but Verona is still there, even if trailing by 3-4 points. Jensen grows and the Scaligeri try to get closer, but Patry’s hands-off on Zanotti closes the set and brings the match back into balance. Stoytchev then tries to change something and reverses the control units, but the third set start is marked by errors in the service. Milan immediately took command of operations and Porro found the most peaceful and continuous refuge in the attackers in place 4. On the other side of the net it is Mozic who carries the weight of the Scala attack on his shoulders, but Milan has grown a lot in the wall-defense and extends and blocks the advantage. Advantage that the hosts capitalize on in the fourth set, when, after the usual balanced start, they sprint and manage the score until Patry’s ace closes the match.

Padua-Piacenza 3-2 (20-25, 21-25, 25-22, 25-23, 15-8)

Kioene’s feat beating Piacenza in a daring match with Bernardi’s team who found themselves ahead for two sets to zero and then even 12-6 in the fourth set before undergoing the great comeback of Cuttini’s team that sent the fans into raptures. their fans. A match in which the difference was made by the great desire of the bianconeri to defend every ball, especially when the match seemed closed in the middle of the fourth set. In the end, the MVP is Bottolo (20 points) who drags his team into the fourth set and, above all, to the tie-break with a string of bars that close the set. Piacenza relied on all its strength and its infinite bench but this time it was not enough, just as Lagumdzija’s 23 points were not enough. The chronicle. Padua starts better (10-6), with Bernardi forced to time-out. Piacenza finds himself on the wall and the game returns to balance (10-10) with Gas Sales definitely putting the arrow (14-11) before some too many mistakes that put the set back on track (16-16) . But Piacenza places with Caneschi the break that breaks the set again (18-21). An attack by Lagumdzija ends (20-25). At the start of the partial second the balance returns (11-11), with Kioene finding the service with Weber (16-14). The bianconeri go up to (18-16) but then suffer the return of Piacenza (18-19) and accomplices a couple of errors in attack pave the way for Gas Sales (20-22 with Bernardi sending Holt and Antonov on the field for Cester and Russell). Closes an error by Bottolo (21-25). The third set still starts with the teams arm in arm (9-9). Padua stretches on an error by Lagumdzija (15-13) and then with Weber (18-15). Bottolo signs on 21-18, Vitelli 24-20 in serving, an error in serving by Lagumdzija closes it (25-22). Bernardi confirms Holt and Antonov and Padova takes his foot off the accelerator with Piacenza immediately aggressive in batting (0-4). It is the break that puts the partial downhill for Gas Sales which travels at cruising speed until 6-12. Padova tries a first reaction (9-12) but then impacts on 20-20 and puts the arrow with Vitelli on 21-20. And then you go point to point with the tension (even for a thousand and with Weber closing the account with an ace. At the tie-break Padua starts better (6-4 with ace from Vitelli), Piacenza impacts on a mistake by Bottolo (7-7) Weber signs on 11-7, then it is Bottolo’s show in joke, until the final 15-8 which arrives on a mistake in Stern’s service.

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Super League: Modena relaunches, celebrating 3-0 against Trento