Super League, Piacenza overwhelms Taranto

First 3-0 for Bernardi’s team that has no doubts with the freshman from Puglia. Overwhelming Civitanova in Cisterna. For Modena third consecutive victory, Perugia beats Padua

For the ninth day of the championship, the afternoon begins with Piacenza’s clear victory over Taranto. At 18 in the field in Modena and Civitanova

Piacenza-Taranto 3-0 (25-18, 28-26, 25-15)

Opposing goals but the same need to win points for Piacenza and Taranto: red and white veterans of two consecutive away defeats, Apulians who want to reach increasingly quieter areas of the standings. In the end the hosts smile doubly: they conquer the three points and also find Francesco Recine after a 20-day break due to a problem in his right hand. Inserted in the second set the attacker remains in the field until the end and proves to be fully recovered. Bernardi puts Stern in the sextet and the opposite takes two exchanges to make it clear that it is the right choice, starting with a winning block and attack. Gas Sales Bluenergy runs away immediately, keeps the pace high and the first set is all red and white; Randazzo tries to keep his team afloat, but the Stern-Rossard duo signs 15 points and there is nothing for the guests to do. Under 1-0 Di Pinto inserts Joao and the move turns out to be spot on: the Brazilian immediately provides the appropriate answers (he will close the fraction with 6 points) and loads his teammates on his shoulders, with Taranto overturning the inertia and being able to lead also 19-16. In the final Piacenza, which in the meantime has inserted Lagumdzija and Recine, cancels two set points and puts the arrow in closing 28-26 on the second occasion. At this point the hosts decide that it is no longer the case to take risks, they start off like a rocket and already in the middle of the fraction, with the red and white ahead 15-9, it is clear that the game is marked. The last part does not give emotions, with Gas Sales Bluenergy winning three points and finding many certainties.

Modena-Verona 3-0 (27-25, 25-22, 25-21)

Modena definitively comes out of the crisis at the beginning of the championship. The victory, even painful at times, against Verona gives the Gialloblù back that important team role, challenged by a disappointing start to the season (three knockouts in the first five matches). The growth of the game but in general of the whole team, in seven days has removed doubts and crises: first the victory with Trento, repeated Wednesday in Perugia and certified by the success against the former Stoytchev. At the start, formations announced at the kick-off. Two aces from Modena, first Leal and then Mazzone, create the 9-7 break that lasts very short, Jensen and Mozic from the serve put Rossini on the sidelines, 10-12 with Spirito’s block on Leal. One more wall, Asparuhov on Abdel Aziz, says +3 Verona. Leal resumes the equalizer at 16 with a block on Jensen. The rest is balanced until 21-23 signed by Mozic again. Mazzone blocks Jensen for 23-23, then Leal for 24-23. The same Cuban also transforms the replay of the third set ball which is worth 27-25. In the second set still Leal with the ace of 4-2, Mazzone with the block on 7-5 then climbs into the chair Earvin Ngapeth for 10-7 with two consecutive pipes. Mazzone on the wall again marks 15-11. A couple of inaccurate lifts by Bruno, one whistled as a double, allow Verona to impact at an altitude of 18. Modena does not break down, Abdel Aziz and Mazzone again on the wall give them 22-19. Ngapeth scores the ball change on 24-22 then the ace on 25-22. The host team gradually ‘detaches’ from the game, Giani’s team does not allow itself to be distracted and proves to be in control even in the third set. Nimir takes the chair again and there is no hope of recovery for Verona. The Dutchman’s first ace is worth 14-9, the spectacular combination between Ngapeth and Leal says 15-9. Stankovic comes out on 16-11 with a knee problem but Mazzone is there. Qafarena, entered for Jensen, scores a new -2 with the ace. Leal sends his opponents behind with the ace of 23-19, a prologue to Wounembaina’s error that closes the match at 25-21.

Cisterna-Civitanova 0-3 (23-25, 23-25, 15-25)

Civitanova continues his ride at the top of the standings, beating Cisterna 3-0 in a more close-knit match than the score suggests. With Ivan Zaytsev finally present at least on the bench, Blengini’s team (who debuts in the Champions League on Wednesday against Novosibirsk) must keep a stubborn Cisterna at bay that gets back in the score every time the Marche slow down. A very balanced first set. Latina starts well with Maar and the wall and Lube’s attack seems to be in trouble. Garcia takes care of bringing Civitanova back on 7-7. The score remains balanced, Simon a certainty together with Lucarelli (100% the first in attack, 83 the second) and Cisterna responds with Maar and Dirlic very effective. In the second, Lube starts with a thousand, leading to 7-1. Cisterna recovers with Maar on duty until -2. It is always Simon who keeps Lube’s play constant while Cisterna tries to stay in the wake of Dirlic, the most constant in attack. Also in the third set Civitanova starts strong with the usual Simon serving who digs the first break on 11-4. This time Cisterna has a harder time recovering: Lube is no longer distracted and closes the match of the ninth victory

Padua-Perugia 1-3 (22-25, 25-21, 22-25, 17-25)

Perugia returns to success but the challenge against Padua is anything but a walk for Grbic’s team who find the Juventus team at their heels for most of the match. Including the third set when Kioene recovered from 11-20 to 22-23. But the technical difference between the two teams, in the long run, obviously came out. The bianconeri tried to risk the impossible in serving (28 errors in total), but in the end it was Perugia’s serve that made the difference. Leon closes with 16 points and 60 percent in attack, Loeppky does better (16 points and 61 percent), but above all Solè (80 percent). Bottolo goes to alternating current (13 points and 46 percent). The chronicle. Padua starts off well in batting (7-5) but Perugia immediately finds itself with the same fundamental and the set returns to a draw (14-14). Then Sir puts the arrow with Anderson and Leon to shoulder the weight of the attack (17-20). The final draw is signed by the Cuban batting against Kioene who, however, tries to the end (22-25). Kioene finds herself at the start of the second set (7-4) thanks also to a couple of mistakes by Anderson. The bianconeri fly up to 15-13, then it is again great balance with the teams going hand in hand up to 19 all. Weber signs the 22-20, Loeppky the 24-21 against the block and then it is a lob from Weber to close the score (25-21). A balanced start also in the third set (with Ricci on the pitch instead of Russo) until Leon plays his symphony on the serve (4-6). Then Anderson thinks to further extend his team (11-20). Perugia plays on velvet, also because Kioene is no longer able to react. Perugia, however, settles down and allows Padua to get up to 17-21 and then sensationally up to 22-23 but the treasure of points is enough to close the account. It is a millimeter pounding of Loepkpy to get the Grbic team out of the way. Giannelli repeatedly triggers Solè at the start of the fourth set (8-10) with the teams point to point up to 14-15. Then Rychlicki’s turn at bat places the break that closes the set and the game.

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Super League, Piacenza overwhelms Taranto