Superlega, Modena to go crazy: Perugia at the first stop

Spectacular match at Palabarton: Giani’s team wins. Shot of Padua in Monza with super Bottolo while Lavia drags Trento to victory in Taranto

On the eighth day of Superlega, a great show at the PalaBarton in Perugia between Sir and Modena that comes out at the tie break with Ngapeth protagonist of incredible shots.

Perugia-Modena 2-3 (22-25, 12-25, 25-15, 25-22, 15-17)

Very long match between Perugia and Modena, which offered five sets of entertainment and emotions. Andrea Giani’s team was practically perfect at the start, so there was the reaction of Nikola Grbic’s men, who managed to even the score, thus arriving at the tie break. But then after six victories in a row in the Super League, the Sir Safety race came to a halt. At the beginning Perugia appeared on the field with Giannelli in the direction, Rychlicki opposite, Ricci and Solè in the middle, Leon and Anderson spikers, Colaci free. On the other hand, Modena responded with Bruno as the director, Abdel-Aziz opposite, Stankovic and Mazzone at the center, Ngapeth and Leal spikers, Rossini free. In the first set we went ahead point by point up to 15-15, then with Bruno’s ace (15-17) there was the push to extend up to 16-19. To drag Perugia’s reaction up to 20-20 was Leon (7 points in the set), but here the Ngapeth show began for Modena, who also went to realize the final point (22-25) with a walled attack out. The second set saw a devastating Modena, moving forward at 2-7 and extending to 6-14. From the bench Grbic tried to reverse the trend with the changes, but Giani’s sextet continued to dominate, going to close (12-25) with a diagonal attack from Leal. In the third set Leo Shoes tried a new extension (5-7), but in this case Sir Safety found an incredible break on Rychlicki’s series of jokes, moving forward up to 14-7, with three decisive Giannelli walls. . From then on only one team on the field, with Perugia going to close (25-15) thanks to an attack by Anderson. We returned to a situation of equilibrium at the beginning of the fourth fraction, even if Sir Safety found the strength to stretch on 9-4 and then up to 17-10. Only at this point there was the sudden awakening of Modena which returned to 17-14. Then on 18-16 the fears for the Perugian sextet began, allowing Modena to move to 22-21. With Solè Perugia then moved to 24-22 and with Giannelli he closed the fraction (25-22) bringing the set count to 2-2. In the tie break, after the 3-1 in Perugia it was Modena who attempted the extension (6-7), but the change was made with Sir Safety in the lead (8-7). Then Modena moved ahead on 11-13, but it was Leon (best scorer of the match with 26 points) with an ace and an attack, who brought Sir Safety back to a draw (13-13). Then two final attacks by Ngapeth (MVP and 22 total points for him), never defeated against Perugia, gave the victory to Modena (15-17).

Civitanova-Ravenna 3-0 (25-18, 25-19, 25-16)

He plays the seventh symphony Civitanova unstoppable in Superlega, even with a much reworked line-up, in the presence of the rear-end Ravenna confirmed as a sacrificial victim in a ‘spin’ challenge that has never had history. The commitment and will of Zanini’s boys are not enough to counter the very clear technical and physical superiority of the Marches exalted by the dribble of De Cecco, who also enjoys hitting and blocking under the net, by the freshness in attack of Yant (top scorer with 15 points) and the power of Garcia (mvp) in the deadly serve with 5 aces and a lot of power. Vukasinovic’s performance was among the guests, but he was too alone. Air of turn over in the team from the Marche which, in addition to Juantorena still out, also gives Simon and Kovar a round of rest by fielding the former Diamantini and Yant. Start of the race with the teams that immediately push in attack with Civitanova trying to escape with the 6-2 of Anzani and Garcia. Lube in control of the set thanks to precise counterattacks and also to the too many mistakes of the opponents (10 in the set) who often force the blow, thus giving points to Civitanova. De Cecco, with attack and wall, digs the furrow (17-12) for a partial that quickly starts to an epilogue that is never questioned. In the second, the shifts in Garcia’s service are decisive for Lube. The start is of a guest brand with Vukasinovic and Klapwijk who hurt Lube and earn an illusory 3-7: until Garcia goes to serve who with a 5-0 break completely reverses the score. Then it is the award-winning firm Yant (in attack) and Garcia in service (two aces) to sign the break which is worth 17-14 in the Marche region and paves the way for the success of Blengini’s team. In the third rocket start of the Lube (5-1). Consar who has a reaction of pride and brings the partial back into balance. It is once again the turn in the service of the opposite Garcia (two more aces) to break the hopes of Ravenna, who slips under 10-5, and no longer has the strength to re-enter the game.

Monza-Padua 2-3 (23-25, 25-14, 17-25, 25-22, 12-15)

Padua conquers the Monza Arena. At the tiebreak (the fourth consecutive between these two teams) Kioene with a super MVP Mattia Bottolo, continuous and at very high levels. For Monza, many ups and downs, with Grozer and Dzavoronok the best, but Eccheli’s team is more wrong in the final. Eccheli starts with Orduna-Grozer diagonally, Beretta-Galassi central, Dzavoronok-Davyskiba spikers and Federici free. Cuttini responds with Zimmerman in the direction opposite Weber, Bottolo and Petrov on the sides, Canella and Vitelli in the center with Gottardo free. First Monza break (9-5), with a turn to serve, in addition to attacks, by Grozer. Timeout Padua that draws at 13 to overtake, dragged by a super Bottolo (7 in the fraction). Teams arm in arm, then the blue band signs the first extension (18-20). Dzavoronok brings his team back to the surface, but Bottolo still cement the advantage before Grozer’s mistake, confirmed by the videocheck, sanctions the 23-25 ​​which is worth 0-1. Start of the second fraction with the teams still arm in arm, and Monza that seems to be disunited in some defense, and Eccheli uses the double free with Gaggini for the defense. Orduna calls his team together, who begin to beat well and defend better. Padua disunites in the second line and sinks 17-11, and the grafts of Loeppky, Schiro and Zoppellari are worthless. Weber and Petrov do not run, Bottolo, however positive, catches something and misses something, while Monza finds everyone, including Galassi who with two consecutive points closes 25-14 for the 1-1. Brianzoli at 79% in attack against 35% of the opponents. Third set in flashes: 0-3, 5-3 (with two aces from Dzavoronok), 7-9 with the revived Weber already at 3 aces. The German opposite of the guests is transformed and from 9 meters puts Monza on the cross, reaching 11 points and 5 personal aces in the set and 13-22 in the score, antechamber of 17-25 with which Padua takes on 1-2. Still Weber digs the first furrow of the fourth set (4-7), but the hosts immediately mend Grozer with 3 consecutive points (including a granite wall). The teams catch their breath, but continue to take risks in batting, with both receptions in difficulty. The balance is broken by an ace from Dzavoronok (22-20), before the closure of Grozer 25-22 who sends the game to a tiebreaker. Rhythms that are lowered because fatigue takes over, and the teams go hand in hand. Great wall of Grozdanov and it is 8-6 Monza, overtaking Padua on the ace of Bottolo (8-9). Davyskiba’s error (in sharp decline) and Padova stretches 11-13 before closing 12-15.

Verona-Vibo Valentia 3-1 (25-22, 25-22, 26-28, 26-24)

First three-point victory for Verona Volley, which within its friendly walls gets the second joy of the season and has the better of a Callipo Calabria Vibo Valentia tuna that appeared short of ideas and in evident difficulty in putting the ball on the ground. A particularly important match for both teams, involved in the fight not to be relegated. Verona starts with the announced formation: Spirito on the diagonal dribble with Jensen, Mozic and Asparuhov in the band, Cortesia central and Nikolic reconfirmed after the good performance against Milan on the previous day, Bonami is free. On the other hand, coach Baldovin cannot count on the injured Nishida, an absence that weighs particularly on the economy of the match, and in the band the Brazilian couple Mauricio and Douglas De Souza, on the dribble Saitta, opposite is Basic, while the two central are Candellaro and Flavio Resende with Rizzo in the role of free. The first set stands out above all for its duration: 40 minutes mainly due to the many interruptions due to disputes on the work of the referees. On the sidelines of this Verona the check thanks to a greater effectiveness in attack compared to the guests, who pay the poor vein of Douglas (a paltry 12%), served however with great continuity by Saitta. Spirito, the director from Verona, on the other hand, distributes balls with greater balance, also turning his power stations and not providing the Vibo wall with any reference point. A clear change of direction compared to the first Superlega matches, when Verona proved to be Mozic-dependent. The second set resumes point by point until 16 to 16, when a red card arrives for a nervous Saitta, a penalty that makes the guests even more nervous and paves the way for Verona, which plays with greater tranquility and extends thanks to two good rounds at the service of Luca Spirito. The absence of Nishida from the Giallorossi ranks is particularly evident in this second set, when Mauricio Borges also drops in his percentages together with Douglas, but in general it is the whole team to suffer, with a measly 28% in attack. On the other hand, Stoytchev’s guys find in the usual Mozic the highly effective offensive terminal that the guests seem to miss and the entry of Wounembaina for Asparuhov also allows greater solidity in reception. In the third part, the balance continues. The game seems to have closed at 25 to 23 for Verona, but the video check on the last point changes the referee’s decision by decreeing out the ball attacked by Mozic. Mauricio Borges takes care of it, then signs the two points that lead the teams to the fourth set. In the last set Verona starts badly and Vibo manages to stretch with a 4-point break. The distance is bridged by the hosts at the end of the set and we return to the advantages. This time Verona comes up with the usual Mozic who knocks down the last two points and blows up the AgsmForum.

Taranto-Trento 1-3 (23-25, 27-25, 18-25, 19-25)

Trento defeats the Palamazzola of Taranto suffering for half the match against a Gioiella Prisma Taranto struggling with important defections such as those of the opposite Stefani (sprained right ankle, not even on the scoresheet) and the hitter Joao Rafael (calf problems). In Itas Trentino there is Kaziyski, still absent Podrascanin (in fiduciary isolation because he came into contact with infected people). Coach Di Pinto includes the Argentine hitter Palonski in the starting six who holds good in reception for at least two and a half sets and in exchange for the ball manages to have good percentages. Perhaps Itas Trentino did not expect such a determined and concentrated opponent, able to put pressure on him with his serve (Michieletto preferred target of the Apulian serve). In the first set Taranto is able to recover from a disadvantage of 8 points (10-18) and to keep Trento on the ropes (21-22,23-24). The decisive point for 23-25 ​​was scored by Michieletto. In the second set Taranto starts well (9-6,10-7), dragged by Sabbi, but disperses the advantage and gets hooked by Trento (19-19). It goes to the benefits after the hosts waste two set balls and the guests one. The partial is decided by an attack by Randazzo (27-25). In the third and fourth set the physical and technical difference emerges with Trento who immediately traces an important groove in the match, finding an extra-luxury Lavia format (10 points in the third set) and a rapacious Kaziyski from the nine-meter line and subnet (5 points in the third set and as many in the fourth). Trento takes the three points, Taranto the applause.

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Superlega, Modena to go crazy: Perugia at the first stop