Wall Street Scammers: DVD Review

We analyze in Cinemascomics the DVD of Wall Street Scammers, inspired by the real life of a group of strippers

At Cinemascomics we have analyzed the DVD home edition of Wall Street scammers, the drama that adapts the true story of a group of strippers who decided to con top Wall Street executives to survive after the crisis of 2008.

The movie Wall Street scammers it is already on sale in stores on DVD; as well as in digital format. The North American production film is distributed in Spain by Cameo.

Lorene Scafaria (Looking for a Friend for the End of the World) directs and also signs the script for the adaptation to the big screen of the article published in New York Magazine, entitled “The Hustlers at Scores”, written by Jessica Pressler. The film features Constance Wu (Newcomers), Jennifer Lopez (Shades of Blue), Julia Stiles (Jason Bourne), Keke Palmer (Berlin Station), Lili Reinhart (Riverdale), Mette Towley (The Old Guard), Wai Ching Ho (Daredevil), Lizzo (Happy Death Day 2) and Cardi B (Fast & Furious 9), among others.

Inspired by a true story, in which Ramona (Jennifer Lopez) and Destiny (Constance Wu) lead a group of strippers who team up to scam their clients, wealthy Wall Street moguls. When Elizabeth (Julia Stiles), a journalist for the New York Magazine, begins to investigate, they will see their business in jeopardy and will have to strengthen their loyalty above envy and greed.

Scammers of Wall Street is shown in its DVD version with various extras, which we have analyzed for Cinemascomics readers. The DVD review is completely spoiler-free, in case you haven’t had a chance to see the movie yet and want to know what extras it contains.


Technical data:

  • Título original: Hustlers
  • Direction: Lorene Scafaria
  • Audio: OV English 5.1 and Spanish 5.1
  • Subtitles: Spanish
  • Duration: 110 minutes
  • Screen format Panoramic 16/9
  • Image format 2.35: 1
  • Zone 2
  • Age rating: Not Recommended for under 18s


Lorene Scafaria (3 minutes):

The director wanted to show this world from the perspective of the dancers, to get into their skin and talk about issues and things that they have to face on a daily basis; and, at the same time, put it in perspective with the issues we all face. To do this, he wanted it to be as authentic as possible, so he did a lot of research. He assures that it is a story about control, and the feeling that everything is out of control at some point in our lives.

Constance Wu and Jennifer López (4 minutes):

The actress and singer Jennifer López defines her character Ramona as a strong and tough woman, who knows exactly what she wants and how to get it, and takes on the role of mother of all dancers and protects them. For her part, actress Constance Wu indicates that her character Destiny is someone who still does not know how things work, but has been looking for a female role model and a friend all her life, and finds both in Ramona.

Regarding the preparation, they confess that it was tough, very acrobatic and athletic for all; and the hardest thing Jennifer Lopez has ever done in any of her movies, because it takes years to tame the bar. Constance Wu comments that this film helps to humanize the dancers and that it empowers working on a project starring, produced, written and directed by women.

Regarding the director, they agree that she has a very clear vision of what she wants and transmits it to the cast without imposing herself, without shouting, and letting the actresses contribute their ideas and try different things in the scenes.

Lili Reinhart and Keke Palmer (3 minutes):

For Keke Palmer, his character Mercedes is funny, which was created for the film and he thought that was great, because they made a place for him in the story. He adds that he thinks she brings some light and some realism with her comments during the film.

While for Lili Reinhart, her character Annabelle is quite young, the smallest of the group, and is a bit naive and does not know which route to follow in life, until Ramona takes her in, where she finds the family she was looking for.

Behind the scenes (3 minutes):

We see some scenes of the protagonists while they are shopping, behind the cameras during filming, as well as they also show us the rehearsals at the strip club.


  • Trailer of Boss by Accident (3 minutes).
  • Trailer of El Gran Desmadre (2 minutes).
  • Bad Mothers Trailer (3 minutes).
  • Trailer of Juliet, naked (3 minutes).

Finally, we hope you enjoy buying Wall Street Scammers, now available to take home on DVD, as well as digital rental and sale; And so you can see it as many times as you want, both in its original version and dubbed into Spanish.

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Wall Street Scammers: DVD Review