What is Sniff about, the film that will reunite Al Pacino, Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren and Danny DeVito

Directed by Taylor Hackford, this noir tale that will take place in a retirement home and will hit theaters in 2022.

A future film project will feature a luxurious cast, which will bring together various legends of today’s Hollywood. Al Pacino, Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman and Danny DeVito will share the screen in Sniff, a film that is presented as an original noir story.

As reported by Variety, director Taylor Hackford, responsible for The Devil’s Advocate and Ray, advances in the realization of this feature film, which revolves around a veteran detective named Joe Mulwray (played by Freeman), who along with his partner William Keys ( DeVito), you must conduct an investigation into a luxury retirement home. In that place, two residents appear dead, in causes that could give clues to a double homicide.

Although at first the protagonist duo believes they are facing a typical murder case, as they advance in their skills and meet the extravagant personalities that the detectives live there, they will discover that everything is much more complex than they believed. Because behind that seemingly ideal place, hides a world traversed by contract killings, drugs, and all kinds of shady deals, run by someone named Harvey Stride (Pacino), along with a charismatic femme fatale known as The Spider ( Mirren).

Hackford’s gaze has to do with paying homage to old noir stories, a genre that was always one of the most attractive in Hollywood, but has not found great exponents for a long time. The recent success of Between Navajas y Secretos, another classic-style police film that became a box office phenomenon, allows the industry to take a good look at the stories of mysteries, murders, and men turned into the axis of dangerous underworlds in which nothing is as it appears.

In a recent interview, the director confessed what caught his attention the most about this film: “I was always a big fan of noir, but I never had the chance to make one. When they sent me this script, I was delighted. I liked the idea of ​​contextualizing a noir in a luxurious retirement center, like the ones that are proliferating throughout the United States, where there is a lot of money, and people wanting to live in pleasant environments. And while those descriptions are typical of advertisements, screenwriter Tom Gray did the job of scratching what lurks from the guts of those places. When I read the story, I thought the idea was brilliant, and that there was the nature of a good crime story. “

Without a doubt, one of the most attractive aspects of Sniff is his cast. Pacino, Freeman, Mirren and DeVito summon by the mere weight of their names, and the possibility of seeing them all in a joint project will be a real joy for those who follow the career of these interpreters. The director confessed that at the time of writing the story, screenwriter Tom Gray always thought of Freeman as the protagonist, as well as Pacino and Mirren in the roles of a powerful criminal and his partner, respectively. And Hackford expressed his enthusiasm for working alongside these stars: “These are people I know very well. I worked with Al and Helen, Danny is a friend, and Morgan I have dealt with him several times, and he always talked to me about how eager he was to work with Helen. So I told him that we were going to try to fulfill that dream for him. And luckily, I was able to read the first page of the script to understand that they were the names that best fit this project. “

Far from being still in the context of the current coronavirus pandemic, Sniff’s stars are busy not only with this film, but also with other feature films they have in their portfolio. Morgan Freeman next year will release two films, Hate to See You Go and Muti (in which he also plays a detective), Pacino for his part will be part of the long-awaited Gucci House, and Helen Mirren will walk through the universe of heroes DC in the sequel to Shazam. For his part, Danny DeVito will join the cast of Triplets, the sequel to Twins where he will share the screen once again with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and with Eddie Murphy as the new addition.

At the moment, Sniff has its premiere scheduled for the course of 2022.

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What is Sniff about, the film that will reunite Al Pacino, Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren and Danny DeVito