When Malignant Is Leaving HBO Max

Malignant only has a little while left on HBO Max, and after a month, it’s become fairly scant in theaters across the country.

The recently released Malignant was seen by many as another great horror feather in director James Wan’s cap, seeing him return to his horror roots after directing 2018’s superhero blockbuster movie Aquaman. It would seemingly be the perfect Halloween treat for fans of scary movies, but the timing of Malignant‘s release and availability may prevent that.

Malignant only has a little while left on HBO Max, and after a month, it’s become fairly scant in theaters across the country. Still, the impending spooky season will likely draw in some curious viewers who hadn’t yet watched the movie. Here’s when exactly Malignant leaves HBO Max, why it leaves when it does and where else it can be watched.

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When Is Malignant Leaving HBO Max?

Those who still haven’t seen Malignant or wish to watch it again on HBO Max have a very limited window of opportunity remaining. The very violent sibling rivalry movie’s simultaneous HBO Max release was for an allotment of 30 days. Given that the movie premiered on Sept. 10, it will be leaving the streaming app on Oct. 10. The choice to not release the movie later and thus closer to Halloween may have been to not compete with other, more tentpole horror movies.

In 2021, all of Warner Bros.’ new theatrical releases were put on the HBO Max app for 30 days at the same time that they were released in theaters. Exceptions included HBO Max original movies such as Zack Snyder’s Justice League. In most cases, this matched their theater lifespan, with most movies in the era of the global pandemic lasting for about a month, give or take. This will change in 2022, however, with WB movies releasing exclusively in theaters when they come out. Afterward, they will be put on HBO for a span of 45 days before the official home release sometime afterward.

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Is Malignant Still In Theaters?

Malignant is still playing in some theaters — namely in bigger chains such as AMC. However, even these screenings are few and far between and are mostly in theaters that show movies that other theaters have already stopped showcasing. On top of that, a DVD and Blu-ray release date have not yet been announced, making the home and digital release likely far off. Additionally, being a less-than-evergreen horror movie further complicates these matters, so anyone who wants to see the horrifying Malignant had better do so now, with HBO Max being their easiest option.

To get scared by Malignant before it’s unavailable, check it out on HBO Max or in select theaters.

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