Where does Shang-Chi rank on the MCU movie list? – Spoiler Time

Marvel released his first movie based on the martial arts expert, and beyond the box office success, we wonder how good it really was.

Until this moment, the MCU accumulate 25 movies holding a fairly high average for quality and entertainment, that’s why it’s hard for new releases to get into the Top 10, but Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings made many merits.

We all have our personal ranking of MCU and in mine I have Shang-Chi in position 9, just below The Avengers and above Iron Man. However, we are going to see the arguments by which we could place it higher or lower.


In terms of choreography and action scenes, Shang-Chi is easily among the five best films of Marvel. What’s more, the bus scene might as well be the best of the whole MCU. In addition, each one of them feels special, they are not a copy of another superhero, the settings, movements, music, filming and the story that is told through them are perfectly adapted to the character. If this is what matters most to them, you can climb positions in the ranking,

On the other hand we have comedy, a fundamental part of the MCU. Shang He’s not a funny guy, but two of the characters that accompany them bring that element to perfection: the Katy from Akwafina and the Trevor from Ben Kingsley. It’s not a funny movie at the level of Ant-Man, Guardians o Ragnarok, but it is not serious like Black Panther O The First Avenger. It has very good comic moments, although there are not so many.

Another aspect to review is the CGI. We know that the MCU use this resource a lot, but Shan-Chi does not abuse it, just when we got to Ta Lo is that we begin to see it more. In terms of quality, the dragons look amazing and the fantastic animals in the village are pretty good. What’s more, Abomination it looks so much better than last time.

On the negative side we have the third act of the film. While the battle is very good and the monsters look wonderful, the film does not trust the characters it built in its first two acts and ends up adding large fantastic elements unnecessarily. If the final fight was between humans, it would have had a much better final act and a higher place in the rankings.

We also have the part of the villain, the character of Tony Leung It is spectacular, we understand it and we hate it in equal parts. Long ago Marvel did not have such an antagonist (leaving aside Thanos), but they ended up killing him and he wasn’t even Shang-Chi the one responsible for his death, but was one of the dragons. Like the death of Killmonger, it is likely that the MCU regret this decision.

Credit: Marvel Studios

If we compare to Shang-Chi with the great crossovers of the MCU, the film loses out thanks to the epicity of seeing all our heroes together.How does Shang to compete against Avengers: Endgame, Inifnity War, Civil War or even Guardians? It is very difficult and even unfair at some point.

However, when we compare it to the movie of Simu Liu with the others of Marvel where we have only one hero, the conversation is much more interesting. It is clearly better than Captain Marvel, The First Avenger, Dark World, Hulk, Iron Man 2 and 3. But lose against The Winter Soldier, Ragnarok and Black Panther.

Now, is it better than Doctor Strange, Ant-Man and the two of Spider-Man? I think that yes, the action scenes play in his favor. The problem arises when we put Iron Man and Thor in between, they are films so important to the franchise, with heroes so iconic, that it becomes impossible to be fair.

Credit: Marvel Studios

Last but not least, You cannot ignore the fact that this is the first Asian hero film in the MCU, who used Chinese actors to represent the most important characters and who even made them speak their language in various scenes. It is not just a movie based on the comics of Marvel, has a much greater cultural significance.

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Where does Shang-Chi rank on the MCU movie list? – Spoiler Time