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See what happens in the clutch minutes of an NBA game it is one of the most interesting questions around the multiple angles of analysis that there are. Sure, we talk about last 5 minutes of a match that has a difference of 5 or less points. In other words, the decisive section of a close match, ideal for any fan. A few days ago we investigated questions collective, seeing which teams had more or less success in the clutch in the last five seasons. And now it’s time to get into it plano individual.

More | Data and curiosities of the performance of NBA teams in the clutch in the last 5 years

Who have been the most prominent players in the clutch in the last five campaigns? Let’s see…

The leading scorer in the clutch

Most points in the clutch, last 5 seasons
Player Points Player Points Player Points
Russell Westbrook 747 LeBron James 569 Devin Booker 475
Damian Lillard 721 Kyrie Irving 567 Paul George 460
DeMar DeRozan 692 Kemba Walker 558 CJ McCollum 457
James Harden 650 Jimmy Butler 530 Anthony Davis 450
Bradley Beal 635 Nikola Jokic 497 Joel Embiid 443

On a list where the top 15 are almost entirely All-Star players (CJ McCollum is the only one who breaks that rule), Russell Westbrook is the leader when it comes to total points in the clutch. In a first reading, one can add in his favor the fact that he has stood out even in the last two seasons, where he had to share the ball with two major figures (first with Harden in Houston and then with Beal in Washington).

At the time of percentages, the base is in the clutch just below their overall averages in this time frame, accumulating a 43.5% field and 26% triples (44.1% and 30.8% in the global average). Although of course, the great point that drives his leadership comes in that historic 2016-2017, where he achieved the MVP: there he totaled 247 units in the clutch, by far the best brand in the entire league, and he did so with a higher efficiency than usual for his case (44.6% from the field and 32.8% triples).

At second place is a name that comes out automatically when talking about the clutch, Damian Lillard. The base of the Trail Blazers was the best in 2020-2021 with 162 total points, with a very high efficiency (51.1% field, 39.1% triples), much higher than his averages of these five years in these situations ( 41% field, 33% triples). In fact, Dame is the absolute leader of the last three courses, with a cumulative of 406 units.

There are two very interesting names in the Top 10: DeMar DeRozan in third place, a ratification of his mettle and personality that is often undervalued, and Kemba Walker in 8th place. It is true that his last two years with the Celtics did not have him among the highlights, but the previous three seasons as the leader of the Hornets were very good (at least individually), averaging 157.6 points in each one of them.

Highlights in efficiency

16 players took more than 300 field attempts in the clutch in the last five seasons. Who has been the most efficient of them all? Interestingly, the only one who did not step on the All-Star Game of the group of 15 leaders in scoring: CJ McCollum. The Portland guard recorded a 48% from the field, with a great 41.9% on triples. To stand out.

Who are the 5 most efficient among those who took at least 300 field pitches?

  • CJ McCollum: 48% field in 344 attempts
  • LeBron James: 47.8% field in 408 attempts
  • Nikola Jokic: 47.8% field in 364 attempts
  • DeMar DeRozan: 46.4% field in 517 attempts
  • Kyrie Irving: 45% field in 413 attempts

Facts and curiosities

  • Kemba Walker is the leader in triples scored, with a total of 72. Who follows him? Damian Lillard with 71, LeBron James with 57, Stephen Curry with 56 and James Harden with 55.
  • Among these five, that of Golden State Warriors registers, by far, the best percentage of success with 42.1%. The other four are all below 33.3%.
  • Where does it appear Giannis Antetokounmpo? At 16th place total scoring, with 413 (54.7% field).
  • AND Chris Paul? Many will see him as one of the best in this five years, but he has just appeared in the 17th place with 406 total points. Of course, his two years in Houston with Harden were a drag on this account (85 points accumulated), or at least a huge contrast to what he showed in the last two years, where he accumulated 270.
  • What happened if we took as a reference the last three seasons? The question comes up because that’s how long two of today’s top young talents have been in the league as Luka Doncic and Trae Young. And it also comes out because one of them breaks into the Top 10. Who? The Atlanta Hawks, who is 6th in the last three courses, with 345 points scored in the clutch. Its efficiency? 41.2% field and 32.4% triples.
  • Bring is he fifth with the most total triples in these three years (34), behind only Lillard (44), Walker (38), LaVine (37) and Curry (36). Steph, once again, is the only one who exceeds 40% correct (43.4%), not only among the top five but in the entire Top 15.
  • AND Wound? Appears in the 15th place in the last three years, with 288 total points, albeit with a low 24% on triples, which accounted for almost 44% of his attempts.
  • Nikola Jokic jump to third place total points in the clutch in the last three courses, with 374 (and on the edge of 50% field).

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