Who Is Adam Sandler’s Wife?

We all know Adam Sandler from the classic ’90s movies like Happy Gilmore and The Waterboy. For a while, he was the go-to guy for over-the-top abrasive comedy that spawned a whole generation of knee-jerk slapstick films in the early 2000s. After 20 years in the industry, Sandler has managed to retain his crown in this new era of entertainment with his wildly popular Hotel Transylvania series and even transition into more serious roles in films like Uncut Gems. Throughout all of his success, Sandler has always had a good support system to push him to reach greater heights, but no one has been a bigger supporter than his wife.

Over his 22-year career, Sandler has acted in many popular movies including 50 First Dates, Big Daddy, Grown Ups, and Click. Although he hasn’t been very public about his personal life, he’s often included his significant other in films during his time onscreen. That’s right, Sandler’s wife is an actress that we’ve actually seen in many of his films whether we realized it or not. Though you may not recognize her right away, Jackie Sandler‘s name has appeared in Sandler’s movie credits for a while now.

According to Goalpost, Jackie Samantha Titone was born in Coral Springs, Florida, in 1974 and started her modeling career after graduating from high school. After doing well on the modeling circuit, she decided to transition into acting. After seeing her act in her first movie, Deuce Bigelow Male Gigolo, star Rob Schneider introduced her to his close friend, Adam Sandler. She was cast to play a minor role as a waitress in Sandler’s 1999 hit Big Daddy and the two began dating by the time the movie hit theaters.

Jackie was so committed to the relationship that she converted to Judaism before marrying Sandler in 2003. The couple then focused their attention on family, welcoming their first daughter, Sadie, in 2006 and their second daughter, Sunny, in 2008. Since then, the Sandlers have been a tight-knit family for 22 years. No drama, no scandals, and no affairs with other people⏤just love and support.

In fact, Jackie is so supportive that she continues to act in her husband’s films. She’s actually built up an impressive resume of Sandler productions, including Pixels, Blended, Bedtime Stories, Zookeeper, Little Nicky, and the Grown Ups films. Though Adam has cast many onscreen love interests as his better half in his films, Jackie is never deterred from making sure her husband delivers a strong performance. According to Sandler himself, it’s actually the other way around. In an interview with W Magazine, he admitted to feeling intensely awkward when doing any on-screen romantic scenes in front of his wife. Jackie, however, doesn’t appear to feel the same way.

“There’s no jealousy at all. She’s just like, ‘Get in there!’ We’re doing a nice romantic scene, and I think I’m doing pretty great being as romantic as I can be and then like⏤Okay, moving on, let’s go, that was great, Drew. Good job,” Sandler said in an interview on the Ellen Degeneres Show. “And I’m walking away, and I just see my wife like (shaking her head)….‘What’s the matter?’ [And she says] ‘Just please, for the sake of women, get in there and just look a little more alive.”

Sandler also revealed what it’s like to work with his real-life wife and on-screen wife at the same time in an interview with The Associated Press. “The only awkward part is hearing my wife on the side going, ‘Harder! Harder! Kiss her harder! Deeper!’”

Jackie is also the one to push her husband towards roles outside of his comedy wheelhouse, especially with movies like Uncut Gems.

Uncut Gems

“I read it, I loved the movie, but I was scared to do it. Then I asked Jackie to read it,” he told Ellen in their 2019 interview. “We do this together, me and Jackie, we discuss what I’m going to do, and she gives me strength and courage to jump into this stuff.” He later added that Jackie also loved the script and was the one who pushed him to accept the role.

The couple has been going strong for 22 years, and it seems that the love has only grown over time. In 2020, they celebrated their wedding anniversary and Sandler took to Instagram to share his love for his wife. “22 years ago today, we locked eyes and fell deep. Look forward to the next 22, young lady. Love you my forever girl,” he said in the Instagram post.

They say that the family that plays together stays together. Well, with a support system like that, it seems all but certain that the Sandlers will be staying together until the end of time.