Who is Dylan O’Brien, the protagonist of the monster movie that sweeps Netflix

We have a new Netflix phenomenon. The movie Of love and monsters (Love and Monsters) premiered on April 14 on the platform and it seems that subscribers are enjoying it very well, because since then it has held the first position of the most viewed titles almost every day and online reactions are very positive.

This funny science fiction adventure plays the trick of a very entertaining story, a good cocktail of action, humor and romance and a great protagonist, Dylan O’Brien. With the film, this young 29-year-old performer resumes his path to success in Hollywood after almost abandoning his dreams due to a serious accident that nearly ended his career a few years ago. Now come back with the movie that sweeps Netflix, willing to stay and continue proving his worth as a protagonist.

Dylan O’Brien stars in LOVE AND MONSTERS from Paramount Pictures and Paramount Players. Photo Credit: Jasin Boland.

Of love and monsters It was supposed to have been released in theaters, but like so many other films, it had to move to streaming due to the pandemic. The film directed by Michael Matthews It was one of the great bets of Paramount Pictures for 2020. In the United States it saw the light of digital rental and purchase last fall, reaching the rest of the world this year through Netflix, where it has been received with open arms. And it is that, Although it may not seem like it at first glance, it is a very worthy film that recovers the taste for adventure cinema, hitting on its tone and fusion of post-apocalyptic action and romantic comedy.

In the end, Paramount can say that about “Every cloud has a silver lining”, because the film could have gone unnoticed in theaters and has ended up succeeding in streaming, getting even a Oscar nomination for Best Visual Effects and returning its protagonist to the road to success.

The public is delighted with this funny post-apocalyptic story that immerses us in a world in which a catastrophe has turned Earth’s insects, amphibians and other animals into giant mutant monsters. Humanity is nearly extinct and the survivors remain hidden in bunkers while monsters reign on the surface (what a chillingly timely plot, right?). Joel (O’Brien) is an adorable boy, but somewhat clumsy and fearful who decides to undertake a dangerous journey to meet the love of his life, Aimee (Jessica Henwick), from whom he had to separate when the Apocalypse broke out seven years ago. years. On his way he will run into fearsome creatures, but also with allies who will help him conquer his fears and become a hero.

With permission from the Dog Boy -Hero in real life-, which is the great four-legged revelation of the film and has fallen in love with the whole world (where is his Oscar nomination?), O’Brien has won the sympathy from the audience for a performance that combines the perfect doses of humor, heart and physical prowess. But, Who is this lovely boy and where have we seen him before?

O’Brien’s career took off in 2011 with his role on the MTV youth series Teen Wolf, where he played the charismatic and funny Stiles Stilinski, the protagonist’s best friend. Soon, the New York-born actor emerged as the show’s official scene stealer and best performer, who was rather short of acting talent. Stiles made O’Brien a legion of fans, quickly becoming a Hollywood promise. The young actor came to awaken comparisons with Jim Carrey -for his appearance, expressiveness and talent for physical comedy- and after passing through the MTV series everything seemed to point to a successful career in Hollywood.

The jump to the cinema with his first leading role took place in the youth science fiction saga The maze runner, successor to The Hunger Games which achieved considerable box office success, while many other franchises young adult they failed in their attempts. In this dystopian trilogy directed by Wes Ball, O’Brien proved to have action hero stuff and a willingness to tackle any challenge. In fact, at that time, the actor became the frontrunner to play Spider-Man in the Marvel Universe, with his name in all the odds before the role finally went to Tom Holland..

And this is where his story takes a dark turn that almost ends his career. In 2016, during the recording of the third and last installment of The maze runner, O’Brien suffered a serious accident filming an action scene where he was hit by a vehicle, which took him to the hospital with a facial fracture and brain trauma. The actor broke the right half of his face and spent a long period of time in rehabilitation, forcing the filming of the film to be halted, the continuation of which was questioned after what happened.

After the spectacular accident, the actor went through a season of depression, anxiety and mood swings that he overcame thanks to the support of his family and friends. Despite the seriousness of the injuries, O’Brien managed to make a full recovery and the following year returned to filming for The Maze Runner: The Death Cure to finish the trilogy. The movie was finally released in 2018.

O’Brien was back, but it was going to be difficult for him to regain the momentum he had gained thanks to Teen Wolf and The maze runner. With his eye on another franchise, he starred in American Assassin, adult action thriller in which he changed the register playing the spy Mitch Rapp, a character created by Vince Flynn. O’Brien shared the bill with Michael Keaton in a film that failed at the box office, frustrating the possibility of continuing as a saga in the style of Mission Impossible O Jason Bourne.

It was a very tough season for the actor, who was still suffering the psychological consequences of the accident, to which was added the uncertainty of a career that seemed to have stalled. After the failure of American Assassin, O’Brien appeared with episodic roles in two failed anthology series, Weird City YouTube and the reboot of Amazing tales for Apple TV +, he starred in the thriller The Education of Fredrick Fitzell, that happened without pain or glory, and voiced Bumblebee in the spin-off of the same name from Transformers. In two years, the actor did not spend much on the screen, making his fans wonder if he had thrown in the towel..

Nothing could be further from the truth. Although it was very difficult for him to start over after what he had accomplished before the fatal accident, O’Brien did not give up. Despite his recent commercial failures, he got a new opportunity as a protagonist in the film that, perhaps without waiting for it, has ended up returning the channel to his career, Of love and monsters. In recent interviews, O’Brien has confessed that the horrible episode he lived in The maze runner is not completely out of date and what he still has a terrible time when he has to shoot a stunt scene. And in Of love and monsters abound.

“When I have to put on a harness, I have to examine every last piece of construction and much more. Even to this day, if I’m doing a stunt on a set, if there’s some action, I get slightly irritable. There is a degree of anxiety in me that I don’t think will ever go away, he confessed in an interview last year for the premiere of Of love and monsters (CinemaBlend), where he also talks about how that period away from the cameras helped him reconnect with the friends he had abandoned and rethink the priorities in his life.

Dylan O'Brien stars in LOVE AND MONSTERS from Paramount Pictures and Paramount Players. Photo Credit: Jasin Boland.

Dylan O’Brien stars in LOVE AND MONSTERS from Paramount Pictures and Paramount Players. Photo Credit: Jasin Boland.

Although the aftermath of the accident is with him his whole life, O’Brien has decided to carry on despite everything. Precisely on Of love and monsters It is obvious that he is back in top form, as he shines especially in action scenes, where he puts all the meat on the grill and proves to be quite a action hero able to carry a franchise on his shoulders.

The success of Of love and monsters It is the reward for his success story, a joy at last in his career and a second chance to continue advancing in the industry and consolidate himself. For now, fans of the Netflix movie are clamoring for a sequel, and although it hasn’t been confirmed, it would be a mistake not to continue exploring the universe they have created, so full of potential and possibilities. For now, O’Brien has the sci-fi thriller in his bedroom Infinite, directed by Antoine Fuqua, and the crime drama The Outfit, who stars next to Mark Rylance.

While we hope to see him again as Joel in a new monstrous adventure with his faithful dog Boy, everything seems to indicate that Dylan O’Brien is back and this time he’s going to make sure everyone knows who he is.

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Who is Dylan O’Brien, the protagonist of the monster movie that sweeps Netflix