Who is Ralph Bohner, the character of Evan Peters?

If you wonder who Ralph Bohner is, the character of Evan Peters in WandaVision, the false Pietro, the one everyone expected to be Peter Maximoff, the Quicksilver of the Fox Universe, the first mutant to officially show his paw in the Marvel Universe, the first rung in the multiverse, the answer is: Ralph Bohner, Westview’s neighbor . Not superpowers, not mutant, not Fox, not multiverse. Just the Westview Note. His only peculiarity: to live on the property that was next to Vision and Wanda’s lot. WandaVision It will be over, the series will have made clear its intentions regarding what it was telling and wanted to tell, the director and the cast will have explained everything they had to explain, but the fans, and the fans, continue to believe that there is a cat locked up. There are all kinds of new theories about who Ralph is, because they don’t accept that Ralph is, that, Ralph. That if he is Jimmy Woo’s protected witness and that we will have Evan Peters for a while, that he does have powers and that is why they chose him … Anyway. Do you want to know who Ralph Bohner really is? A trap for viewers and a tribute to a minor character in the series The problems grow. No more no less. Emma Caufield, the actress who plays the suspicious Dottie, and the director of the series WandaVision, Matt Shakman, have recognized that it was a red herring, a diversionary maneuver. Shakman, an actor in his childhood and adolescence before he became a director, worked on the series The problems grow and it occurred to him to ‘resurrect’, that yes, a character from the series. And on top of that, she has recognized that the idea of ​​planting a character as a distraction maneuver got her out of Iron Man 3 and Mandarin (sorry for the spoiler if you haven’t seen it).

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Anyway, just watching the series again is enough. If you rewatch episode 1×06 (Terrifying Halloween Premiere!) And you only look at the character of Evan Peters, you realize that he is 100% Ralph Bohner. It’s kind of a Goofy without Mickey Mouse combined with the Jeff Bridges Note. All the time. Now we know that Agatha Harkness was the one pulling the strings, but she only controlled him, did not give him her personality. When Agatha speaks through Ralph it is clear that she is Agatha: what she says, how she says it, why she says it. But the rest of the time he’s a gangly guy who just wants to have fun, a by-product of grunge in the wrong place at the wrong time.

And he had no other role than Ralph. Of course, there was a scene in the final episode in which this fake Pietro with Wanda’s children, Tommy and Billy, Monica Rambeau and Darcy was facing Mr. Scratchy, who turns out to be Agatha’s assistant demon, but the scene , that it was filmed, it was left in the inkwell, basically because it didn’t make much sense and it was even more misleading.

Ralph is also, in case you hadn’t noticed, that also suspicious ‘husband’ of Agnes. The famous Ralph. Only he wasn’t a supervillain. In the first place because that would only have been to subtract weight from the character of Kathryn Hahn, putting someone more important above. That, if you think about it, would have had two effects: it would have been surprising for the sake of surprise, pleasing only comic book readers, with a wide background, confusing the rest of the non-marvelite public, and it would have been a combination of condescension and morrocotuda underestimation. Not to mention that above a female villain there had to be a great male villain, that this narrative structure is about to stop anticipating it.

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Who is Ralph Bohner, the character of Evan Peters?