Why Danny DeVito Lost the Verification Badge on Twitter

For a few hours, the account @DannyDeVito on Twitter did not display the blue check mark confirming the authenticity of that profile. That happened after a tweet by the American actor in which he expressed his support for Nabisco workers demanding improvements in working conditions.

“I support Nabisco workers in their strike (demanding) humanitarian work hours, fair wages and subcontracting work,” DeVito wrote on August 18.

The account of the actor who worked in films like Matilda and Batman Returns He recovered the verification badge, and in the first instance those responsible for the social network did not explain the reasons for that decision. According to the aforementioned tweet, speculation did not take long to flood the networks: Did Twitter remove the blue check mark from DeVito because of his support for the aforementioned strike?

According to IGN, the fans expressed their dissatisfaction with the situation that involved the actor who is currently working on a comic about El Pingüino, the character he played on the big screen and who is also part of the series It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which was renewed for another four seasons.

The Twitter explanation

The California-based company stepped into the ring to explain why the blue check mark was removed from DeVito. As they commented, It was not a consequence of his tweet in support of Nabisco employees but that the account information was incomplete.

“Our verification policy states that blue badges can be automatically removed from inactive and incomplete accounts, which require an email address or phone number. We have worked with the account holder to confirm the necessary information and since then verification has been restored”Said a Twitter spokesperson regarding DeVito’s profile.

The ups and downs of verification on Twitter

Public interest accounts (for example celebrities, political figures, organizations, companies, artists, etc.) can request a verification that is confirmed by a blue check mark next to the username. This is a mechanism used to identify legitimate profiles and dismiss accounts that tweet “on behalf” of certain personalities. Twitter explains that the purpose of this badge is show that the account is “authentic, remarkable and active”.

Twitter places a blue check mark next to profiles of relevant public figures and organizations, to account for the authenticity of those profiles.By: REUTERS

Last week we learned that Twitter stopped the program that awards a blue badge again. The decision was made after having approved fake accounts (bots). The Californian company recognized that they need to work on the application process, and informed that they will review the applications already sent, so this decision only prevents users from applying from now on, until further notice.

This year Twitter had resumed the verification of accounts, a mechanism that it closed in 2017 after criticism for having granted that recognition to extreme right-wing exponents.

On that occasion, the CEO of the firm, Jack Dorsey, said that the system did not work properly and that it should be reviewed since the badge represents an indicator of importance and an endorsement. When they announced the return of the verifications, they said that it would appeal to the collaboration of the users.

After the new pause in the process, Twitter is expected to make changes to the criteria to confirm the verifications.


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Why Danny DeVito Lost the Verification Badge on Twitter