Why is Anya Taylor-Joy the busiest star these days? – Tvshow – 09/12/2021

Anya Taylor-Joy He posted a video on Instagram a few weeks ago during a car trip, with wet hair, dirt-stained face and a radiant smile as he laughed and announced, with a hint of amazement: “Wow … today was a very good day ”.

About the video, Taylor-Joy says: “That is genuinely my happiest place,” and by “happiest place” she does not mean Iceland, where the video of her returning home after a day’s work in Robert Eggers movie, the Viking epic The NorthmanNor does it necessarily refer to a set, although it will proclaim over and over again that it feels more at home working than at home or anywhere else.

Specifically, what Taylor-Joy wants to communicate is that the happiest place in the world is on a movie set where she is covered in dirt and, hopefully, fake blood, and where someone challenges her to do something that is physically difficult so that she can spark her competitive spirit and see how much she can take. And that particular day in Iceland ticked all those boxes, with the added bonus of being able to swim in the icy North Atlantic.

If this goes against your image of Taylor-Joy for seeing her in all those fancy coats, t-shirts, and pleated skirts in Lady’s gambit or Emma’s perfect outfits, then you only know her from her work, which is the only thing she wants to be known for. So it’s OK. But she is a young woman who likes to get dirty.

But, in case you still need to confirm it, Nicole Kidman He tells of the first time he met Taylor-Joy, only at first he couldn’t believe it was her because, just arrived on the remote set of The Northman Atop a mountain in Northern Ireland, he saw a ghost-white girl in Viking dress, no makeup, standing among hundreds of trembling extras.

“I thought, ‘Who is that girl?’” Kidman recalls. “Then I took another look and said, ‘Oh, that’s Anya! She is covered in mud, with almost nothing on, it is extremely cold and the wind whips everything, and it was like meeting a kindred spirit. That’s my kind of girl! ‘

Right now, 25-year-old Taylor-Joy seems like everyone’s kind of girl. His schedule is jam-packed for the next two and a half years, beginning soon with The Menu, a dark comedy set in the world of exotic culinary culture directed by Mark Mylod (of Succession). After that, she will reunite with Lady’s Gambit writer and director Scott Frank for the thriller. Laughter in the Dark, and with Eggers again in a remake of Nosferatu, the most recent collaboration on one would seem to have started with their first “real movie,” the haunting The noiseand. Angry, the prequel to George Miller from Mad Max: Fury Road, in which it is also postponed to 2024.

“All my friends always say to me: ‘What are you doing ?! Take … a … break, ‘”says Taylor-Joy. But the roles are too good. He would not be able to not accept. I would not bear it. I prefer to jump in and do my best ”.

“My third film was Fragmented, from M. Night Shyamalan, and we became very good friends, ”says Taylor-Joy. “And I remember one day he asked me: ‘Are you running towards something or running from something? What is it about?’. I think I’m running towards something. There was a moment, when I was 19 or 20 years old, when I felt very confused because I had poured so much of my energy into the characters that I no longer knew who I was. But during the pandemic, I have found that I like to feel useful. I no longer feel that I am abandoning my identity so much ”.

Where Taylor-Joy feels most helpful is on set, where she naturally assumes the role of caregiver and advocate. On The NorthmanShe took on the unofficial job of “cold cheerleader” as she came to the call every day and proclaimed, “Isn’t this amazing? I know we’ve been in the ocean for hours and it’s so cold that we all want to cry. But we are making art! ”. (“I’m surprised someone didn’t knock me down at one point,” admits Taylor-Joy, laughing).

Taylor-Joy, who speaks Buenos Aires Spanish and feels Buenos Aires as her city since she lived there her childhood and adolescence, has spent the last few months living in Los Angeles, a place where she had never felt comfortable. But now, after exploring the canyons, he says he has found his little corner, a place where he “can connect, plant something that grows and bears fruit, if that makes sense.” One night, while driving home from the filming of Russell’s untitled movie earlier this year, listening to some great music – it could have been Florence and the Machine O Kate Bush O Elliott Smith- She felt like she was coming home, a very different feeling from when she first came to town at 18 and, filled with anxiety, was locked in her hotel room.

“I really like the lyrics,” he says. “My favorite music is the one that makes you think. I think about that a lot, and that’s usually the aspect that makes me feel the best. It’s cathartic liberation when you look at a song and a poem, and you say, ‘Oh, that’s how that was.’ It is not that amorphous cloud that I try to understand ”.

One of her diaries, the one Taylor-Joy was writing during the making of Russell’s movie (she’s sworn to secrecy) contains the long red acrylic nails she wore in the movie (“It sounds gross, and I don’t care,” she says. ). Taylor-Joy keeps a memory of each character she plays. From “Lady’s Gambit” she has a hat, a pair of pairs of shoes and some really great pants that she can wear in her day to day life.

“I’m definitely running … I don’t have the misconception that I’m taking a leisurely walk anywhere,” he says. “Not at all. I am running. It is a concerted effort. But it makes me feel whole. It makes me very happy. And I feel so lucky that I wake up at four in the morning and think: ‘Today I have the opportunity to do this!’ Then it goes to work. And comes home.


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Why is Anya Taylor-Joy the busiest star these days? – Tvshow – 09/12/2021