Why Is Iron Man Giving Spider-Man Credit For Saving The Avengers?

Iron Man just gave Spider-Man some credit in saving The Avengers! The comment came somewhat as a surprise because Spider-Man is rarely given any recognition for the things that he does to help the Avengers in the movies. But, this isn’t the case in the comic book, Avengers: Tech-On 2.

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Did Spider-Man Save The Avengers?

The comic book by Jim Zub, Jeff “Chamba” Cruz, and Travis Lanham centered on Iron Man and Spider-Man battling against the Red Skull. The latter used the Infinity Mirror Shards to drain the powers of the Avengers and momentarily succeeded.

However, Iron Man and Spider-Man didn’t want their fellow superheroes to go down without a fight that’s why they decided to build each one a custom suit that would give them their old powers back.

Since the Avengers are at their weakest when Red Skull tried to strip them of their superpowers using the last remaining energy of the Infinity Stones, some of them almost died.

Luckily, Tony Stark aka Iron Man was able to build impressive armors for each of the Avengers. And he wouldn’t have been able to build the armors successfully if not for Spider-Man’s help.

After the Avengers won over the Red Skull, Tony Stark explained to them what their armors were and told them that they should serve as a good replacement for the meantime.

And when Black Panther told Iron Man that he’s impressed with how quickly he managed to build their custom suits, he said that he wouldn’t have done it without Spider-Man’s help.

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Iron Man, Spider-Man’s relationship in Avengers: Tech-On 2 similar to the movies

Tony Stark aka Iron Man and Peter Parker aka Spider-Man’s relationship in the comic book is quite similar to the relationship of their characters in The Avengers movies. And their mentor-mentee bond was birthed from the comics.

However, in the comics, Iron Man and Spider-Man’s relationship eventually changed after Tony Stark convinced Peter Parker to reveal his identity to the entire world.

Peter Parker refused to reveal his identity and opted to continue helping the people in the streets of his neighborhood instead.

In Avengers: End Game, fans saw the close bond between Iron Man and Spider-Man. Iron Man decided to sacrifice himself by using all the Infinity Stones to get rid of Thanos. He successfully managed to save the Avengers, but he exerted so much strength in trying to defeat the villain that he died in the process.

One of the scenes from the movie shows Peter Parker crying hysterically while his arms are wrapped around his mentor.

Luckily for fans, this isn’t the last time that they will see Robert Downey Jr. portraying the role of Tony Stark aka Iron Man. After all, he will reportedly reprise his role in Disney Plus’s upcoming series, Marvel’s What If?

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