European figure skating: Ghilardi-Ambrosini fifth, Valieva record

The Ice Lab tandem, in Tallinn, loses a place compared to the short, but hits an unexpected result. The 15-year-old Russian, in the short film, improves her world record again

Better than them, in a story that began in 1930 – that of artistic couples at the European figure – in an Italian key, only Stefania Berton-Ondrej Hotarek (up to a third place), Valentina Marchei-Ondrej Hotarek (a fourth) and Nicole Della Monica-Matteo Guarise (one quarter). Not only for this reason the fifth square of Rebecca Ghilardi-Filippo Ambrosini in Tallinn 2022 must be greeted with more than one applause. Unexpected result on the eve, deserved on the Tondiraba Ice Hall track. And that bodes well in view of the Beijing Olympics, which is increasingly upon us.

Blue wave

To the 21-year-old from Bergamo and the 28-year-old from Vicenza, fourth in the short, a couple of mistakes in the jumps cost a square in the final classification (an expected triple salchow becomes simple and a triple loop launched has a step out). The Georgians Karina Safina-Luka Berulava took advantage of this. But the result of the students of Franca Bianconi and Rosy Murante (178.90), at the fourth presence in the review (with the eighth place of Graz 2020 as the best precedent), remains of value. As is the 7th place (from the 10th of the first part of the race), of the rookies Sara Conti-Niccolo Macii (168.90), as well as Ghilardi-Ambrosini Ice Lab duo, in this case coached by Barbara Luoni. The combined placement will allow Italy to return to having three pairs in the Helsinki 2023 edition. And, given the absence of Nicole Della Monica-Matteo Guarise, it is no small feat.

Russian school

Meanwhile, the expected (almost obvious) Russian hat-trick is at a high level. It is signed by the reigning world champions Anastasia Mishina-Aleksandr Galliamov (239.82), the veterans Evgenia Tarasova-Vladimir Morozov (236.432) and the defending champions Aleksandra Boikova-Dmitrii Kozlovskii (227.23), who confirm themselves in the order.

Super Valieva

Kamila Valieva never ceases to amaze: the 15-year-old Russian, in the short, signs another company. With a spatial 90.45 she annihilates her own world record in the race segment (at the end of November, at the Rostelecom Cup in Sochi, she had pushed to 87.42) and gives magic. Triple axel, triple flip and triple lutz-triple toe loop combination with even a small smudge – jumps are poetry, the rest is art. The girl has a maturity that few have, everything comes easily and naturally, with that sprint skating and arriving at the same very precise jumps. Kamila travels on a cloud of her own: the others can only see her from very far away. And, of course, not only in the Old Continent.

Blue promoted

Russia, however, after those in men and couples, is missing the most awaited hat-trick. “Fault” of 22-year-old Belgian Loena Hendrickx, who returns to the European Championships after four years and a fifth place at the last World Championships: very inspired with 76.25, she signs a second place of great value. After her, disappointed, the other Russians: Alexandra Trusova (75.13) and Anna Shcherbakova (69.05), less precise than usual. Saturday night, in the free – Valieva aside – it will be a tough battle. In the context, in a very short ranking, also the two 19-year-olds blue in the race, both from Trentino, who overcome the obstacle of qualification. Marina Piredda is fourteenth (59.53), Lara Naki Gutmann twenty-third (52.94).


Friday waiting for the debut of Marco Fabbri-Charlene Guignard with the Rhythm Dance (together with Carolina Moscheni-Francesco Fioretti) and, in the evening, for the men’s free with Nikolaj Memola, Gabriele Frangipani and Daniel Grassl, respectively 12th, 9th and 5th after the short.

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European figure skating: Ghilardi-Ambrosini fifth, Valieva record