Infinite fountain, always at the top of the world short track: “They are tactics and instinct”

Arianna, in the first two stages of the World Cup, climbed the podium four times and last weekend, in Nagoya, in the 500, she returned to success after six seasons

Andrea Buongiovanni


Arianna Fontana never ends. At 31 and after a couple of difficult seasons not only due to the pandemic, he is confirmed at the top of the world short track. Indeed, with the Beijing Olympics around the corner, he returns to dominate as in the best days. Filed second place in the 500 of the first round of the World Cup on the track that will host the Games, on the weekend, in the second, at the Nippon Gaishi Arena in Nagoya, Japan, she won the same distance, was second in the 1500 and third with the relay together with Martina and Arianna Valcepina, Cyntia Mascitto and Arianna Sighel. Individually hitting the 12th success in the circuit (she had been missing since February 2015) and the 39th podium, two beyond Fabio Carta, the previously most successful Italian (at the turn of the third millennium).

Arianna. did you expect to go that fast?

“In recent times I have always” shot “well and felt good sensations. The goal was to hit as many endings as possible. Then, as always, we play it “.

How much has the landscape changed after the Covid stop?

“There are new faces, but the sport is the same: the rhythms don’t change. In 1000 it goes less than 1’30 “, in 500 under 43”. And in Nagoya, compared to Beijing, the ice was slower ”.

What allows you to be still and always in the window?

“Experience: I read races and situations faster than my rivals. And I know how to be in the right place at the right moment “.

“A little and a little. It is my body that tells me how and when to move. An example: Saturday, for the 1500s final, I had a plan and ended up doing the opposite. I wanted to stay in the middle of the group and instead I was almost always in front ”.

Beaten only by the Dutch Schulting, while in the 500 she ruled the Polish Maliszweska who had preceded her in China.

“It is also the fruit of the good summer work coordinated by my husband Anthony and carried out despite various vicissitudes”.

“To all those who have supported me over the past two rather difficult years. They know: I don’t need to name names “..

How do you approach the Games?

“Being in Beijing last week was important to gain references. I just hope that the restrictions on anti-pandemic measures will be a little less severe during the Olympic days ”.

“Hotel-track, track-hotel. Forbidden to go out. Even from the stadium. And I suffer from doing all the heating indoors ”.

Given the placings obtained, in terms of Olympic qualification, the next stages of the Cup, the European ones at the end of November, will be almost a formality.

“Even with the relays, with two out of two finals, we are in good shape”.

Do you like the Olympic novelty of mixed media?

“Yes, but the format should be changed: there are fractions of two and a half laps and two, with an obligatory sequence of woman-woman-man-man and with gender assistance. It is limiting “.

She also became the oldest skater to win an individual cup event.

“I don’t like statistics, this one then … I prefer the one that says that the first success in the circuit, compared to that of Nagoya, was ten years and a day ago”.

How did you find the national team?

“Between ups and downs: but there are many young people and those who pay for the 2020-2021 stop. If someone has disappointed, he will soon be able to make up for it ”.

Will he return to training in Bormio with the whole team on his return, as in the last two months?

But can an Ariadne like this not think about Milan-Cortina 2026?

“We arrive in Beijing, then we will see”.

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Infinite fountain, always at the top of the world short track: “They are tactics and instinct”