Lara Colturi, at 14, has Shiffrin (and Cortina) in her sights

Daughter of art (her mother is the Olympian Daniela Ceccarelli), for years she has been training like the greats and after a season with 20 out of 20 successes she launches the race for the Games, following in the footsteps of Mikaela

Marisa Poli

Lara is (very) running. Fifteen years to be completed on November 15 (same day of Goggia’s birth), father Alessandro national instructor, mother Daniela Ceccarelli super-G Olympic champion in Salt Lake 2002, younger brother Yuri in the wake. Signs of destiny: she was born in an Olympic year (2006) and at the age of 15, the numbers are already record-breaking: she dominated in the babies, then in the puppies (she also beat the males), she won the Pinocchio, last season she won 20 out of 20 races and qualified for the international finals of the Mickey Mouse Trophy both in slalom and giant, like only Mikaela Shiffrin. And the American a few months later made her debut in the World Cup … “I only crossed her a couple of times, but I never managed to talk to her, it would be nice to be able to”.

First episode, how did it all begin?

“They tell me that at 13 months I was already on skis, if I’m still here it’s because I like it so much. For me it is normal to put on skis and boots and go out to train “.

“Thanks to the Miur project for high-level student athletes I am able to attend the Frejus college. When I train I can follow the lessons in Dad, there is direct and continuous contact with the teachers. I chose the administrative, finance and marketing address, I think it is an important sector, to be able to manage the commitments that an athlete faces “.

How can expectations be borne?

“When I started to suffer a bit of anxiety, I entrusted myself to Biotekna, a research center that taught me breathing techniques, which also follows me for the preparation and nutrition part. For the diet I have to give up carbohydrates, with some exceptions for pizza “.

You are part of the Golden Team Ceccarelli born in 2012 and managed by your family, how does it work?

“We live in Fenils (fraction of Cesana Torinese). My alarm goes off early, in the summer at a quarter to five. We train in Sestriere, Bardonecchia, in general in the Milky Way, then Saas Fee. And in summer in Les Deux Alpes where there is the base for the summer training of the Golden Team, with 70 boys and their families ”.

What’s it like to train with mom and dad?

“Mom is a perfectionist, I a little less but I prefer it that way. He corrects me, tells me what to do. Every now and then there is some clash. I prefer to grow every day, to keep my feet on the ground without looking too far ahead. Now I want to think about the technique, then what arrives comes “.

Have you tried the speed yet?

“Yes, in Copper Mountain. We did an internship with American ski clubs. A 2-minute 10-minute run with 40-meter jumps. I loved it, in flight I was in my comfort zone, as if it were my home “.

“I’ve always looked at women’s skiing and the Shiffrin is my favorite. For the beautiful head he has, for how he faces the races, for how he slips. Then I like Robinson, Vlhova, Bassino, Goggia, Brignone ”.

What place do friends have in life as a globetrotter?

“I have many friends in the world of skiing. And then two, Sveva and Manuel, who have always been there. We don’t talk about snow and results with them “.

“Pop and rock that pump to light up the ski days that start badly. I like Maneskin, Ultimo ”.

Loaded by the summer triumphs of blue sport?

“A lot, as an Italian it was wonderful. On the day of Tamberi and Jacobs’ double gold we were with the whole family in front of the TV, in Deux Alpes, what a thrill “.

“Not much, but Juve is in my heart. Also because I rely on J Medical for visits and tests ..: “.

“I love them. As well as the movies. I watch them all in English because I don’t like hearing the dubbing and seeing the lips saying something else. Squid Game? I started looking at him but he didn’t catch me. I prefer Suits ”.

You have over 30 thousand followers on Instagram, how do you live social media?

“I like it, I’m the one who manages my profiles, sometimes Mom helps me. I especially like Instagram, I’m looking at how Tik Tok works ”.

Has there ever been a day when he thought thinks: I can’t take it anymore, am I going back to a normal life?

“I am almost always happy with what I do, I tend to get bored if I always face the same things. I love speed about skiing, I don’t like skiing when there is fog and I don’t understand where I am. Bad days happen, but fun always wins. Skiing has always been in my life, as a child I was in my mother’s competitions parterre, with my grandmother who was a second mother for me, she raised me. For years she was the one to cook, to put things in order “.

“I have always enjoyed practicing all sports. From ice skating, for years I have competed, to tennis, to skate. Then I like to go for a ride with my dog, ride a bike, I tried freestyle … “.

You won it all last year, next goal?

“Take another step forward. I certainly have the Olympics in my heart, the Italian ones would not be bad. But I’m in the present. Then of course, if it arrives… “.

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Lara Colturi, at 14, has Shiffrin (and Cortina) in her sights