Moioli and China: “Between devastating journeys and the police chasing you …”

After the third place in the Cup race, the cross Olympian talks about the trip to the Beijing 2022 competition venues: “Long track, hard summer preparation is useful. Impossible to go for a walk outdoors, but in certain things the Chinese came to meet us “

A taste of what will be. Over the weekend Michela Moioli and the snowboardcross national team competed for the first time in Secret Garden, China, on the track that will host the Olympic competitions in just over two months. For the Bergamo-born, gold at PyeongChang 2018, a third place arrived – behind the winner, the Czech Eva Samkova, and the British Charlotte Bankes second – which raises the podiums in the World Cup to 34, but above all indications have arrived useful in view of an event which, due to the rigid Covid protocols, will require a great ability to adapt in many respects.


“It is a very long track, for the women’s race we are about minute and 50 – Cesare Pisoni, technical director of the blue snowboard, had said before. Evidently the organizers also wanted to respond to the criticisms that followed at PyeongChang 2018, when instead they competed on a short and very technical track, with a difficult start. It does not have great difficulties, but basically there are some traits that you have to face with clarity. We had to put a lot of emphasis on the body’s ability to tolerate lactic acid. So yes, the athletes had to raise the fatigue threshold “. “The length of the track reflects all the work we have done, in fact I must say that in the end we were tired, but not so much. The preparation paid off from this point of view. It is particular, not difficult, so the levels smooth out, but at the same time making a difference is difficult. In the semifinal I was able to make some nice overtaking, in the final I tried. If you stay in the slipstream you can do more speed, in fact the technique was to stay behind “.

At dinner

The track, however, is not everything. From transport to food, from training to checks, the Secret Garden test allowed the Azzurri to understand what awaits them in two months. Here is the story of the blue: “The climate is not exceptional. You cannot leave the hotel except by shuttle to go to the skiroom, after the race you return directly to the hotel. You can’t even take a walk, so much so that there were some girls who went out on foot and were chased by the police, who made them go back. The food is always the same, rice, meat, chicken nuggets and some vegetables, so not that great but it got worse. The Chinese are very meticulous, organized but a little slow. The outward journey had been devastating, after the flight we waited for six hours at the airport plus another four hours by bus with a single stop, we were all wearing it. However, they have shown themselves to be understanding and have also adapted a bit to our needs. For example, in the early mornings there was no coffee and they managed to introduce it. I’m happy to go home because a situation that doesn’t allow you to leave the hotel is quite difficult ”.

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Moioli and China: “Between devastating journeys and the police chasing you …”