Even Fox isn’t buying it, when Rick Scott claims his plan doesn’t raise taxes for a majority of Americans – Reuters News in France and abroad

Senator Rick Scott stunned Fox News on Sunday when he claimed his plan to raise taxes on a majority of Americans was not doing it.


Transcript via Fox News Sunday:

ROBERTS: Okay. Now let’s get to the politics because there’s a lot to look forward to between now and November 8th. You recently released an 11-point plan to save America. Two of the important points are, I quote: all Americans should pay income tax to get in on the game, even if it’s a small amount. Currently, more than half of Americans pay no income tax.

It also says: All federal laws expire in five years. If a law is worth obeying, Congress can pass it again.

So that would raise taxes for half of Americans and could end programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.

Why would you suggest something like that in an election year?

SCOTT: Of course. John, that’s, of course, the Democrats’ talking points. His –


ROBERTS: No, it’s in the plan. It’s in the plan.

SCOTT: Well, but here’s – but here’s this thing about reality for a second.


ROBERTS: But, senator, senator, wait, this is not a Democratic talking point. It’s in the plan.

SCOTT: Also in the plan, it says we should, every year, talk about exactly how we’re going to fix Medicare and Social Security.

Here’s what happens. To my knowledge, no one wants to take away Medicare or Social Security, but what we do is we don’t even talk about it. Medicare goes bankrupt in four years. Social Security goes bankrupt in 12 years.

I think we should figure out how we preserve those programs. Every program that is close to our hearts, we must stop and take the time to preserve these programs.

Rick Scott was lying. His plan raises taxes and kills Social Security and Medicare.

Rick Scott has been in a row with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell for weeks over his plan to tax majority Americans.

Senator Scott thought he could get away with proposing higher taxes on the majority of the country and cutting Social Security and Medicare in an election year. Scott thought he wouldn’t hurt Republican Senate candidates by getting them to endorse this one-platform political suicide mission.

Scott has become too cute. He thought he could inflame Republicans with his plan, but the fact that he was pressed on it on Fox News on Sunday shows he was dead in the water.

Even Fox News isn’t buying what Scott is selling, because GOP propaganda television wants nothing to do with his terrible idea.

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Even Fox isn’t buying it, when Rick Scott claims his plan doesn’t raise taxes for a majority of Americans – Reuters News in France and abroad