I Was Bullied By My Neighbor In A Parking Spot So I Initiated A Murder By Crows Who ‘Drived Him Crazy’ In Revenge – Up News Info

A REDDIT user got a “little revenge” on his neighbor for a parking problem by unleashing an army of crows on him.

The story was posted by user Tempthethrowaway on the thread titled PettyRevenge and received over a thousand upvotes.

Reddit User Says They Got Revenge On Neighbors After Befriending Crow MurderCredit: Getty – Contributor

According to the message, from the first day the author moved into an apartment building, his neighbor across the street began to bully him.

” Why? We parked in the handicapped plaza next to the sidewalk leading to the building,” the author wrote. ” Why? I’m disabled.

Apparently, one of the neighbors liked to park one of his “6 project cars (illegally) there and we used it for his [sic] the desired goal did not suit him.

Because of this, the author says they received a bunch of nasty letters and eventually the neighbors also started filing bogus noise complaints against them.

“We are a very calm and introverted couple. We don’t interact with people, we always wear headphones and do everything we can to cancel out any noise we make,” the author said.

After giving some background information before the incident, the author explains in the post that their building has a decent sized crow population.

“I’ve always loved them, so I decided to make some friends,” said the author, who has spent time researching animals to learn about their diets and buying bird snacks.

However, their neighbors hated crows. “They were really mean to them, yelling, throwing things at them,” the author said. “In turn, the crows did not like them.

The author’s feud with his neighbors came to a head after he saw one of them get back into the author’s car before taking off. The author became furious and yelled at them, but claims he received no help from the police.

But a few days later, they heard neighbors arguing about wanting to install cameras because they thought someone was “messing around” with their cars.

“He thought it was us. Claimed there were small dents, scratches and chips in the windshields,” the author said.

The neighbor eventually installed small terrain cameras facing both the walkway and his cars, still believing the perpetrator and their partner to be the vandals.

According to the author, after a few weeks of this, they finally saw what was happening.

“I would go feed the crows, and then on the days between feedings, these smart little guys would fly over the parking lot, high enough to be out of sight of the cameras, and drop little rocks on our neighbors’ cars.

“My friends were taking revenge on him for me. »

The author says crows kept attacking neighbors for a few years “while this guy was slowly going crazy trying to catch the vandals.”

Eventually, the neighbors moved out after they got fed up with the situation.

“I don’t think they ever understood,” the author said.

For years, a group of crows attacked the neighbor’s car until it finally moved out, author saysCredit: Getty

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I Was Bullied By My Neighbor In A Parking Spot So I Initiated A Murder By Crows Who ‘Drived Him Crazy’ In Revenge – Up News Info