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Most people don’t expect a stranger from the Internet to show up at your family’s doorstep.

That’s exactly what happened to famous teenage TikTok star Ava Majury, when Eric Rohan Justin appeared.

Ava Majury, 14, is a famous teenager on the TikTok app who brought a stalker to her houseCredit: Instagram @ava.majury

Who was Eric Rohan Justin?

Justin was an 18 year old from Ellicott City, Maryland.

In early 2020, 14-year-old Majury noticed that a user was a bit too persistent in her comments on TikTok.

The user was named EricJustin111 and was actually Justin.

On February 17, 2022, nearly two years later, The New York Times reported more details about what happened that summer.

The outlet also reported that Justin logged into a classmate’s school account and did his homework in exchange for information about Ava.

The new outlet reported that Justin messaged her via Snapchat and on Instagram he also allegedly appeared in online games she was playing with her brothers.

Her family also allegedly allowed Ava to sell photos of her face only to Justin for “about $300 for two photos.”

On July 10, 2020, Justin reportedly showed up at Majury’s family home in Naples, Florida with a shotgun.

What happened to Eric Rohan Justin?

Justin reportedly “blew” the front door to the Majury family, but his gun then jammed.

Ava’s father, 51, Rob Majury, a retired police lieutenant, chased him but tripped.

He later told officers he had gone back inside the house to retrieve his handgun.

Ava Majury, 14, pictured alongside her father Rob, 51, for one of the teenager’s TikToks1 credit

The father stood guard at the family’s front door waiting for Justin to return.

When the shooter returned shortly after, Rob allegedly ordered the teenager to drop his gun. When Justin instead pointed it at him, Rob shot him.

The internet stalker died after being shot by Majury.

Is Ava Majury still on TikTok?

The Majury family moved from New Jersey to Florida in 2019.

The New York Times article reports that the teenager is still on the popular social media app.

Ava would earn “thousands of dollars in endorsement deals” on TikTok.

She is also attracting the attention of Hollywood producers as well as reality TV producers for her story.

The fame she gained through TikTok has spilled over to other social media apps as well.

Ava also gets sponsorship deals on Instagram and Snapchat.

“Her creations, her contacts, her videos became such an important part of her that taking them away from her would have been difficult,” her father told the NY Times.

“We have chosen what is best for our family,” added Ava’s mother, Kim Majury.

“We know there will be two sides, and some people won’t understand. »

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Who was Eric Rohan Justin? – News 24